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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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HPI: 31 year old male, auto-mechanic presenting to the emergency department with injury to eye/face after a mishap at work. He was working under the hood of a car on the engine when something exploded and sprayed onto his face. He immediately felt pain in his left eye and the surrounding skin. Pain is a burning quality, severe 10/10, and is worsening. He is also having difficulty opening his left eye and is photophobic. His right eye is uninjured and he has no other injuries. Immediately after the injury, he flushed his eyes in the emergency eye flush and was then urgently driven to the nearest Emergency Department. Upon arrival to the E.D., one of his co-workers was able to provide additional information: upon inspection of the automobile he had been working on, it appeared that the battery, which appears to have been very old and should have been replaced long ago, had exploded, initiating this unpleasant chain of events. Irrigation of the eyes was begun in the ED.

POHx: no prior hx

PMHx: healthy, no prior hx

FOHx: father has presbyopia

FMHx: HTN, CAD – maternal, prostate cancer – paternal

Allergies: penicillin – hives

Ocular Medications: None

Medications: None

Soc Hx: 5-10 drinks/wk, 1/2PPD, 10 PYH

ROS: see HPI, no other complaints

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