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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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1. When initially evaluating a person with exposure of a chemical substance to the eye, what should be done first?

a. Get a good history to help determine what kind of substance got in the eye
b. Check the vision, pressure, and do a slit lamp exam to determine the extent of damage done by the substance
c. Begin immediate ocular irrigation
d. Getting the patient some oral pain medications so the patient is more comfortable and able to undergo an ocular evaluation

2. Which substance is likely to cause the most severe chemical burn in the eye?

a. Nail polish
b. Battery acid
c. Drano (lye)
d. Pepper spray
e. Vinegar

3. What type of ocular finding would be less likely due to a chemical burn?

a. Conjunctival whiting
b. Corneal Scarring
c. Cataract
d. Increased ocular pressure
e. Retinal detachment

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