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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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Ophthalmic Exam:

VA: 20/20 OU

Pupils: Round and reactive bilaterally. No APD

VF: Full to confrontation, finger counting

EOM: Intact OU

Ta: 13 OD, 12 OS

L/L: slight eyelid edema OU.
C/S: Mild clear discharge in the fornices OU. Generalized 1+ hyperemia and trace conjunctival follicles in inferior fornices OU. Eyelids everted, no foreign body OU.
K: trace punctate epithelial keratitis OU
AC: Deep/quiet OU
I: Round, no TI defects, no NV OU
L: Clear OU
AV: No cell OU

C/D: 0.3 OU Mac/Vess/Periph: WNL OU

Ancillary Exam: + preauricular lymphadenopathy

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