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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VA cc: OD 20/25; OS 20/200

Pupils: OD 3.5mm – 2.5 ; OS: 3.5mm- 2.0, trace APD of the left eye

CVF: normal OU

EOM: full OU

IOP: Tapplanation 21 mmHg OU

External exam: normal

L/L: normal OU
C/S: white and quiet OU
K: normal OU
AC: deep, quiet OU
I: normal OU, no NVI OU
L: 1+ NS OU

OD: C/D- 0.5, optic disc w sharp margins, slightly dilated retinal veins, mild A/V nicking, normal foveal reflex, periphery without retinal tears or detachments
OS: disc margin blurred with edema, scattered intraretinal hemorrhages in all 4 quadrants, few cotton wool spots, thickening of the macula.


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