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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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HPI: 58 y/o white female comes in for an eye exam with complaints of decreased vision in her left eye. She first noticed blurred vision in her left eye when she was washing off her make-up and closed her right eye about 2 weeks prior to her visit. The vision in her left eye is still blurred and may have gotten slightly worse. She has a difficult time describing the visual disturbance but says that it has just “looks really dark and blurry.” The patient has been told that she had changes from high pressure in her eyes when she went to get some eyeglasses 2 years prior. She denies any pain, redness, photophobia, flashing lights, or new floaters.

POHx: slight myopia, uses glasses. No history of amblyopia, strabismus, or trauma.

Ocular medications: Artificial tears occasionally

PMHx: Menopause at 51, history of PE 5 years ago following foot surgery for plantar fasciitis, hypertension

Medications: Calcium supplement, Multivitamin, HCTZ, Lisinopril

FHx: No blindness in parents, siblings, or children.

SHx: Married, 2 children. Works as a substitute teacher. Smokes ½ ppd. No alcohol. No other recreational drugs

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