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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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1. How often should a person with diabetes have an dilated eye exam?

a. When they notice any vision changes, even if it is mild
b. If Type 2 DM, at the time of diagnosis and then at least annual exams
c. Every 6 months
d. Every 2 years
e. Every 4 months

2. True or False : Complications due to diabetic retinopathy is the number one cause of blindness in the USA in working-age people

3. What is not a sign of retinopathy due to diabetes?

a. Abnormal blood vessel growth (neovascularization) on the optic nerve
b. Retinal dot-blot hemorrhages
c. Macular edema
d. Retinal exudates
e. Optic nerve atrophy

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