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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VAsc: OD 20/20; OS 20/25+1

Intraocular Pressure: 14 OD; 13 OS

Pupils: round, reactive to light OU, no APD

CVF: Full

EOM: Full intact

Amsler Grid Exam: Normal

C/S White/Quiet OU
K Clear OU
AC Deep/Quiet OU
I Round and reactive OU
L 1+ nuclear sclerotic cataracts OU

OD: clear vitreous, normal-appearing optic nerve. Arteries, veins, macula, and periphery WNL. No vascular emboli.
OS: clear vitreous, normal appearing optic nerve. Arteries, veins, macula and periphery WNL. No vascular emboli

Diagnostic Studies:
Fluorescein angiogram: minimal leakage of right optic nerve

Right Temporal Artery Biopsy – giant cells in the wall of the temporal artery.

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