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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VAcc: 20/20 OD ; 20/20 OS          

Pupils: Equal, round, reactive to light, no APD

CVF: Grossly intact OU                                        

EOM: Intact OU

T(a): 21 OD                                


L/L: Normal OU

C/S: White and quiet OU

K: Corneas clear OU – no krukenberg spindle or embryotoxon.

AC: Deep chamber. No cells or flare. No synechiae.

I: No neovascularization or atrophy.

Lens: 1+ Nuclear sclerosis cataracts OU.

DFE: C/D: 0.4 OD; 0.5 OS with no obvious thinning of rims OU.

Macula, vessels and periphery- WNL.

Visual Field: Demonstrates early glaucomatous changes in both eyes.

Pachymetry: 560 OD; 551 OS

Gonioscopy: Open iridocorneal angles OU

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