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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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HPI: A 61 y/o retired schoolteacher presents to the glaucoma specialist with a referral from her optometrist. The patient had gone for a comprehensive eye exam and was found to have high intraocular pressure and an enlarged cup-to-disc-ratio. The patient denies eye pain, blurry vision, vision loss, or red eyes. She had not had an eye exam in 10 years. Her prior examinations had been normal. On examination by the optometrist the IOP measured 25 mmHg in the R and 21 mmHg in the L. The cup-to-disc ratio was measured at 0.4 in the R and 0.5 in the L.

POHx: Myopia and presbyopia

Ocular Medications: None

PMHx: Hypertension

Medications: HCTZ

Allergies: None

FHx: She has no family history of glaucoma.

SocHx: She denies alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use.

ROS: Negative

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