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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VAsc 20/20 OD; 20/50 PH NI OS

Pupils: ERRL, no APD

EOM: Intact OU

CVF: Intact OU

T(p): 13 OD; 15 OS

External: No periorbital edema or erythema, no ecchymosis, no lesions OU.

L/L: No upper or lower lid swelling or lesions OU. Fornices evaluated and no foreign bodies noted OU.
C/S: White and Quiet OD
1+ conjunctival injection, no fluorescein staining OS.
K: Normal OD
2 mm by 2 mm corneal epithelial defect with fluorescein OS
I: Flat and Round OU.
L: Pseudophakic OU. No evidence of lens dislocation OS.

DFE: C/D: 0.2 OU
Arteries/Veins/ Macula/Periphery WNL OU. No retinal detachment OS.

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