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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VA (cc): OD 20/30; OS 20/80 (20/25 post-operative day#1)

EOM: Full OU

Pupils: 5mm to 2mm OU, left eye sluggish, No APD OU

CF: Full OU

Tono(tp): 18 OD 15 OS

Adnexa: wnl OU

SLE (see image):
L/L: wnl OU
C/S: W/Q OD, 2+ hyperemia OS
K: Clear OD, edema, Keratin Precipitates OS, Sealed K incision OS
AC: D/Q OD, 3+ cells /flare, +hypopyon OS
I: Round and reactive, no NV or transillumination defects OU

C/D:0.4, sharp, healthy rim OU Very hazy view OS
A/V/M/P: wnl OS, 1+ vitreous haze OS. Poor view of macula OS. Retina is attached 360 degrees OS

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