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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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HPI: 70 y/o male POD #2 s/p left cataract extraction by phaco w/ PCIOL placement. Pt awoke with severe eye pain and decreased vision this morning. Pain is described as deep within eye and 8/10. Pt had minimal pain post-op before today. Vision had also been good post-op until this morning. Today, bright lights seem to make the pain worse and the vision seems very foggy with lots of floaters. Pt denies any fevers or chills. No complaints with the right eye.

POHx: Myopia and presbyopia, corrected. Bilateral cataracts s/p R phaco/PCIOL 2 months ago, L 2 days ago. No h/o ocular trauma


Ocular Medications: prednisone 1% qid, Vigamox qid

Other Medications: Metformin, lisinopril

Allergies: NKDA

FHx: No significant family history

SocHx: Married, no tob/EtOH/drugs

ROS: Neg

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