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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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HPI: 42 y/o African American male policeman presents to clinic reporting a sore and red eye shortly after a being elbowed during a drug dealer sting operation. He was not wearing protective eyewear. He reports blurry vision. He reports tenderness over his left eye, eyebrow, and cheek bone.

POHx: None

Ocular Medications: None

PMHx: Sickle Cell trait, DM type II, HTN

Medications: Metformin, Glipizide, ASA 81mg, HCTZ

Allergies: NKDA

FHx/FOHx: DM, No ocular diseases

SHx: Drinks socially, no cigarette or illicit drug use.

ROS: No known chronic inflammatory disease. No photophobia. No history of easy bleeding or bruising.

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