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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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1. Which is not a cause of amblyopia?

A. anisometropia (difference in refraction between the two eyes)
B. congenital ptosis
C. optic nerve hypoplasia
D. pseudostrabismus

2. What is NOT an appropriate treatment for amblyopia?

A. Patching the stronger eye
B. Doing strabismus surgery to align the eyes.
C. Waiting until the patient is in their teenage years to see if the weaker eye will become stronger with time
D. Placing dilating eye drops in the stronger eye to blur this eye
E. Using glasses to correct any refractive error

3. What is the correct term to describe eyes that are misaligned so one eye is inward?

A. Exotropia
B. Esotropia
C. Pseudotropia
D. Hypotropia

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