Palliative Care Center

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Accomplishments for 2010-2011

 Inpatient Program

  • Increased consult Volume
  • Nursing guidelines established for discontinuing ventilators in the ICU
  • Increased utilization of methadone, ketamine and other symptom management therapies in our clinical practice
  • Department of Medicine Grand Rounds – Anne Merriman
  • Sandy Muchka nominated for midlevel award
  • Home discharges from the MICU
  • Highlight complex care coordination
  • Formalized focus time for bereavement and remembrance for our patients/families
  • Self Care via “team health rounds”
  • Acute pain service collaboration

 Outpatient Program

  • Expanded outpatient volume
  • Expanded number MD staffed ½ day Palliative Care clinics
  • Established and formalized a “fellow’s” continuity clinic
  • Improved continuity in our clinics
  • Perceived increase in patient satisfaction
  • Ongoing weekend support and access to Palliative Care for our patients
  • Coordination of care Palliative Care patients from the inpatient to the outpatient domain
  • Redefined our clinic as something other than a opioid management clinic for “difficult” patients.
  • Maintenance of 24/7 access to Palliative Care telephone support to all our outpatients
  • Physicians and midlevels acting as hospice clinicians of record
    • Successfully caring for patients up until the end of their lives
  • Visiting patients in other departments during clinic appointments
  • Increased home visits

VAMC Accomplishments

  • Successful re-expansion back to the VAMC
  • Successful recruitment of VA MD faculty and leaders to ensure 365 PC presence at VAMC
  • Successful organization of a MD staffing model for Palliative Care business hours
  • Successful utilization and education of VAMC midlevel for consult service
  • Better access to necessary Palliative Care meds and interventions
  • Working to establish a VAMC outpatient Palliative Care clinic

Education Accomplishments

  • Provided leadership in committees for CAPC, HPM Fellowship Directors Association, Veterans Affairs Health Care System, AAHPM SIGs, and the Greater Milwaukee HPNA chapter
  • Supervised M4 students, Medicine Residents, Pain Management Fellows, and Hematology/Oncology fellows for a month long PC rotation
  • Supervised geriatric fellows for a 2-4 week PC rotation
  • Designed and implement a TBL for M4 students on palliative medicine
  • Schwartz Rounds: New leader – Lauren Wiebe
  • Coordinated the 11th annual community nursing PC Board Review Course
  • Co-coordinated and presented Froedtert Hospital ELNEC training for staff RNs
  • Supervised M4 Ambulatory students in clinic
  • Top 10 Best Teaching Faculty Award: Sean Marks
  • Bioethics Small Group Leaders
  • Transition to clerkship lecture for medical students
  • M4 Humanities Lectures
  • Guest Lecturers for HOPE WI
    • – Tiffany Marbach and Jonathan Gully
  • Non-PC Fellows
    • Department of Medicine Fellows Palliative Care lecture
    • IR Fellows lecture
    • Radiation/Oncology lecture
  • Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency
    • 101, 201, 301 lectures
    • Monthly PC Noon Report
    • Academic ½ day lectures
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