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Milwaukee’s population is culturally diverse, and within the confines of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin we serve a global community. Given the current U.S. national government’s dedication to improving healthcare in this country, as well as local efforts by the Board of Directors of the Children’s Hospital and Health System of Wisconsin to have the healthiest children in the nation, it is imperative that we train future physicians to confidently treat all patients, regardless of ethnic background. Sixty percent of the residents who receive training at Children’s Hospital remain in Wisconsin to care for children in our community—a community that continues to see a large influx of immigrants, international adoptees, growing healthcare disparities and increasing demand for medical pre and post-travel counseling.  To best serve our community, and to equip our pediatric trainees to become competent pediatricians globally, the Department of Pediatrics developed a Global Health Training Track in 2010.

"I had the amazing opportunity to spend the month of March 2012 in the small village of Matuwa, Uganda with two other pediatric residents from MCW.  We worked in the small clinic in the village with Dr. Lisa Umphery, an American pediatrician, who has been hired to run this clinic by American Academy of Hope, the NGO that funds and supports the clinic.  We saw patients of all ages in the clinic with multiple medical conditions, including malaria, cellulitis, soft tissue injuries, malnutrition, and parasitic infections.   We also worked with community health workers to visit local schools and homes to provide education regarding sanitation, malaria, typhoid, nutrition, hygiene, family planning, immunizations, etc.  I had the opportunity to lead a community focus group for pregnant women regarding maternal-child health.  We visited the local hospital in Mbale as well as CURE hospital (American run neurosurgical hospital) and the local AIDS organization (TASO). On the weekends, we had the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Uganda and made a trip to Kenya as well.  It was an incredible experience and I plan to make global health a continued part of my career."

Global Health Training Track:

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2015-16 Med-Peds Global Health Training Track Representatives:

Mike Girolami, MD-PGY3
Hema Krishna, MD-PGY3
Shela Sridhar, MD-PGY3
Ebba Hjertstedt, MD-PGY4
Maura Steed, MD-PGY4
Carmen Wallace, MD-PGY4

- Rachel Johnson, MD (2013-14 Chief Resident)

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