Our Graduates

The Medical College of Wisconsin's Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program was founded in 1992, with our first class of graduates finishing in 1996. Graduates from our program have gone on to a variety of careers in primary care, fellowship training, hospital medicine, and academic medicine. During the past five years, roughly half of our residents practice primary care Med-Peds with an increasing number of graduates completing further subspecialty training or entering the field of hospital medicine or international health. The training you receive in our program is well-balanced and will prepare you for endless career options.

Matthew Ehrhardt"At MCW, excellent faculty mentorship and comprehensive training
amongst a diverse patient population have prepared me to confidently
approach the challenges of academic medicine."

Matthew Ehrhardt
2014, Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Fellow, St. Judes Children's Research Hospital
2011-2014, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellow, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
2011 MCW Med-Peds Residency Graduate


Brittany Bettendorf, MD, Dual Medicine and Pediatrics Rheumatology Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

Archna Eniasivam, MD, Hospital Medicine Fellowship, University of California-San Francisco

Deepa Patadia, MD, Allergy and Immunology Fellowship, Ohio State

Sharon Rikin, MD, Primary Care Research Fellowship, Columbia

Ryan Tomlinson, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident

David Vitale, MD, Peds GI Fellowship, University of Cincinnati



Nikiya Asamoah, MD, Adult GI Fellowship, Loyola

Jillian Ewing, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Brookfield, WI

Emily Fisher, MD, Epidemic Intelligence Service, Centers for Disease Control

Matt Kolinski, DO, Hospital Medicine

Julie LeCleir, MD, Med-Peds Hospitalist, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert

Carla Meister, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, and Med-Peds Primary Care, Brookfield, WI


Matt Buelow, MD, Peds Cardiology Fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

Ana Caban Cardona, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Menomonee Falls, WI

Jeffrey Gehl, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Wauwatosa, WI

Rachel Johnson, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, and Primary Care Med-Peds, Menomonee Falls, WI

Ben Mikeworth, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Pontiac, IL


Marina Arvanitis, MD, NSRA Primary Care Research Fellowship, Chapel Hill, NC

Kelly Curran, MD, Adolescent Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, and Adolescent Medicine, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center

Sherrill Gutierrez, MD, Peds Critical Care Fellowship, Children's National Medical Center, George Washington University, and Peds Cardiology Fellowship, Baylor

Cathy Long, MD, Peds Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, University of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN

David Niccum, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW, and Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Chris Weber, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Germantown, WI


Hiba Bashir, MD, Healthcare for the Homeless, Milwaukee, WI and Peds Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, Madison, WI

Katherine Burrows, DO, Med-Peds Primary Care, Grafton, WI

Douglas Connor, MD, Sports Medicine Fellowship, Vanderbilt University, and Sports Medicine, Appleton, WI

Matthew Ehrhardt, MD, Peds Hematology/Oncology Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Peds Survivorship Fellowship, St. Judes Research Hospital

Stephen Malcom, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW, Med-Peds Primary Care and Med-Peds Associate Program Director, Wauwatosa, WI

Naima Rehman, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, San Francisco, CA


Adam King, MD, Chairman of Medicine and Med-Peds Primary Care, Germantown, WI

Molly Kleiman, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident and Med-Peds Primary Care, Green Bay, WI

Katherine Recka, MD, Palliative Care Fellowship, Univ of Michigan, Palliative Care, Froedtert Hospital and Palliative Care Fellowship Assoc. Program Director, Medical College of Wisconsin

Jessica Wilson, MD, Med-Peds Hospitalist, Baltimore, MD


Sheena Gleason, MD, Hospitalist, Overland Park, KS

Stephanie Momper, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident and Primary Care Med-Peds, Germantown, WI

Shannon Reinbold, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Milwaukee, WI

ChiChi Oraka, MD, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC



Kayla Anderson, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Buffalo, MN

Mohammad Saleh, MD, Nephrology Fellowship, MCW, Milwaukee, WI

Patrick Tandingan, MD, Palliative Care Fellowship, OHSU, Portland, OR

Julia Wren, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW and Primary Care Med-Peds, Pawleys Island, SC


Shawn Bartel, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW and Primary Care Med-Peds, Aberdeen, SD

Taryn  Chlebowski, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, University of Oregon

Prashant Sura, MD, Hospitalist, Chicago, IL


Lisa Barbour, MD, Palliative Care Fellowship, MCW and Hospice Medicine & Palliative Care, Denver, CO

Rodney Mayhorn, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW, Adult Cardiology Fellowship, MCW and Primary Care Med-Peds, Milwaukee, WI

Lori Porter, MD, Hospitalist, Phoenix Arizona


Rich Hendershot, MD,Allergy/Immunology Fellowship, National Jewish Hospital and Allergy/Immunology, Denver, CO

Joanne Patterson, MD, Hospitalist, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI

Rebecca Severe, MD, Med-Peds Hospitalist, Maury Regional Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Heather Toth, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW, Academic Med-Peds Hospitalist and Med-Peds Residency Program Director, Milwaukee, WI


Sana Jeffreys, MD, Hematology-Oncology Fellow, MCW and Hematology-Oncology, Sioux Falls, SD

Vanessa Jorge, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Orlando, FL

Krista Wiger, MD, MCW Med-Peds Chief Resident and Academic Med-Peds Primary Care, Milwaukee, WI



Kristen Goezler, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Janesville, WI

Roger Watson, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW and Primary Care Med-Peds, Delafield, WI


Lori Book, MD, Endocrinologist, Colorado Springs, CO

Brenda Boschek, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Oconomowoc, WI

Jason Nowak, MD, Med-Peds Chief Resident, MCW and Primary Care Med-Peds, Eagan, MN

Susie Ramirez, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Dyer, IN



Mark Lodes, MD, Academic Med-Peds Primary Care, Milwaukee, WI

Lisa Schalley, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Omaha, NE

Chris Sobczak, MD, Academic Med-Peds Primary Care and Clinic Director, Milwaukee, WI

Kawsar Talaat, MD, Infectious Diseases Fellowship, NIH, Bethesda, MD


Kris Colletto, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Olympia, WA

Kerry Drain, MD, Allergy Fellowship, Mayo Medical Center and Allergy/Immunology, Spokane, WA

Janet Higgins, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Canton, OH

Yeng Yang, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Minneapolis, MN



Kevin Colwell, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Newport Beach, CA

Susan Lee, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Phoenix, AZ

LuAnn Moraski, DO, Med-Peds Primary Care, Manitowoc, WI

Karin Barnes, MD, Primary Care Med-Peds, Paducah, KY


Kristi Monson, MD, Allergy Fellowship, Mayo Medical Center and Allergy/Immunology, Duluth, MN

Jim Wallace, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Lacrosse, WI

George Holliday, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Milwaukee, WI


Angelina Ausban, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Duluth, MN

Laura Schille-Duncan, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, Milwaukee, WI

Marsha Davis, MD, Med-Peds Primary Care, West Bend, WI


Hara Levy, MD, Pulmonary Fellowship - CHOP, Subspecialty Practice, Philadelphia, PA


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