Research Advisors for Cellular, Translational, and Outcomes Research (REACTOR)

Overall Aims of REACTOR Program

The recruitment of research advisors to the Department of PM&R is an important initiative, designed to build collaborative bridges to scientists at the Medical College of Wisconsin, particularly those in the areas of basic sciences and outcomes. These advisors will have the title of PM&R REACTOR (REsearch Advisor for Cellular, Translational, and Outcomes Research).

There exists a rich academic environment at the Medical College that is difficult for clinical department to access. Such collaborations must be built by means of a framework designed to enhance such collaboration. The REACTOR program is envisioned to facilitate such cross departmental collaborations. The funds invested in this program are seen as seed monies to ultimately build self-sustaining collaborative research agendas.

Translational research is important to clinical medicine and is a major initiative at the National Institutes of Health. Bringing discoveries to the bedside is vital if we are to realize the great strides currently being made in basic sciences and translate them into patient care. We want to build on the research infrastructure of the Medical College of Wisconsin and catalyze our research activities in this direction.

Another important reason for such a program is that PM&R is primarily a clinical specialty without a strong connection to cellular or molecular research. Such investigations hold promise for addressing some of the fundamental research questions in PM&R.


Danny A. Riley, PhD
Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy

Sergey Tarima, PhD

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