Past Clients and Testimonials

Since its inception in 2011, PICO has completed more than 30 projects with 16 companies.

Past Clients

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Testimonials from Past Clients

"Mike and Sheldon provided constructive focus in developing a valuation model, which will be used in preparation for finance and M&A activities."

-Lane Brostrom, CEO, Cytometix

"There is a real demand for emerging and early career scientists to be more entrepreneurial--both inside and outside of the laboratory. I believe that the PICO program is the absolute best at providing this experience. It's a 'win-win' because these highly enthusiastic, passionate and hardworking postdoctoral fellows get an unvarnished view into the business of doing science, while at the same time working on projects that create value for the company."

-Chad E. Beyer, PhD, MBA, President and CEO, Promentis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"We have worked with multiple PICO groups, and have always been very impressed with their professionalism, enthusiasm, and independence. We have always gotten quite useful market research, or other data, targeted to exactly what we said we were looking for. As a startup, we are are quite busy. My initial concern was that we would need to spend time mentoring our PICO team, so I was hesitant to participate. Well, that was not the case at all. The PICO teams have always been very respectful of our time, and flexible in setting up of meetings. Then, they were focused clearly on what we felt were important areas. We had nice strategy discussions to define a project focus area. Then, after the team did their research, we would regroup - they would present - we would brainstorm - and they'd go off again and do anther round of impressive research, summarizing their findings in clear reports and presentations. I very much enjoyed working with the PICO groups, and will likely continue working with them in the future. I would give them my highest recommendation. I am a big PICO fan! In my opinion, they are the future of healthcare and life science innovation in SE Wisconsin."

-Dan Sem, PhD, MBA, CEO, AviMed Pharmaceuticals, LLC