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Terms, Conditions and Benefits of Employment

Some of the information related to benefits, terms and conditions of employment are outlined on this page.  Full information is available is available on the Graduate Medical Education Website.

Here is the link to the Graduate Medical Education Website.


The Board of Directors on MCWAH establishes stipends for housestaff.  The stipend levels for the academic year beginning July 1, 2014 are:

PGI    - $56,255
PGII   - $57,255
PGIII  - $58,255
PGIV  - $59,255
PGV   - $62,255
PGVI  - $64,255
PGVII - $66,255

The stipend is deposited directly once a month, on the last day of the month, in the individual's account.  MCWAH offers direct deposit at most banks, savings and loans, and credit unions in the greater Milwaukee area.  The funds are available on payday.  If the payday falls on a holiday or weekend, the funds are available the day before the holiday or weekend

The resident's training year level is the level appropriate for the program in which he is currently enrolled and is determined by the number of years remaining before he is eligible for certification by a specialty board.  When a question exists in respect to training level, the resident or fellow should obtain a letter from the specialty board stating the number of months of training that remain before he is eligible for board certification.  If this letter results in a change in training level, the change and corresponding salary adjustment will be effective the day the letter is presented to the MCWAH office.


The Working Condition Fringe Benefit is a $1,500 per academic year taxable payment to housestaff to help defray expenses for license fees, DEA fees, license exam fees and text books.

Housestaff are not required to submit receipts to claim this benefit.  Housestaff that complete training mid-academic year will be paid a pro-rated amount on their last paycheck.  The benefit will be paid in two $750 installments; one on December 31 and one on June 30.  The $1,500 payment is a taxable benefit.


Housestaff are allowed annual paid vacation of three weeks, provided the vacation schedule does not conflict with their duties and it is approved by the Program Director.  Vacation time is not cumulative from year to year.


Housestaff (PG-2 and above) are allowed up to one week of educational leave, without interruption of pay or benefits, contingent upon the approval by the Program Director.  Educational leave time is not cumulative from year to year.


Junior and Senior Residents are entitled to attend the CME Conference of their choice in the Continental US.  Department education funds are used to pay for this experience.  If a resident is presenting a paper at the meeting, travel costs, registration and lodging will be provided by the department with the Program Director's approval.

For questions or more information please contact our Medical Education Coordinator Deb Bruening (414) 805-5465 or
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