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Life in the United States

American Culture

As with all counties, the culture of the United States may appear to be quite unique and difficult to comprehend.  One example is the American view on privacy.  They value time time away from others, whether to sort out their thoughts before making an important decision or to be alone after a major crisis.  Another example is the American perspective about time which is encapsulated in the phrase "time is money."  In other words, time shouldn't be wasted. 

The resources listed below discuss the communication style of Americans, differences in customs, and everything from politics to personal hygiene.  Keep in mind that these are generalizations of the American way and that not every person has the same view about the American culture.


NPA's International Postdoc Survival Guide


Books located in the Todd Wehr Library

American Ways
Author:  Gary Althen
ISBN 0-933662-68-8
Call No:  E 158 A467a 1988  
Living in the U.S.A.
Author:  Lanier/Gay
ISBN 1-877864-40-4
Call No:  E 169 L1871 1988
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