Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

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Jeffrey A. Kelly, PhD

Jeffrey A. Kelly, PhD is Senior Vice Chair and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He is Director of the Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR). Jeff attended Case Western Reserve University for undergraduate training and the University of Kentucky for his post-graduate education. Dr. Kelly has been appointed to the National Advisory Mental Health Council of NIMH and was selected as a Distinguished Leader in Psychology HIV/AIDS by the American Psychological Association. He was appointed (ex-officio) to the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council of the NIH.

Dr. Kelly's academic interests include AIDS/HIV prevention research with vulnerable populations in the U.S. and international settings as well as mental health issues associated with HIV/AIDS.

A few publications include:

Kelly, J.A., Somlai. A.S., Benotsch, E.G., McAuliffe, T.L., Amirkhanian, Y.A., Brown, K.D.,

Stevenson, L.Y., Fernandez, M.I., Sitzler, C., Gore-Felton, C., Pinkerton, S.D., Weinhardt, L.S., & Opgenorth, K.O. (2004). Distance communication transfer of HIV interventions to service providers. Science, 305, 1953-1955.

Kelly, Benotsch, E.G., Amirkhanian, Y.A., Fernandez, M.I., Somlai, A.M., Stevenson, L.Y.,Sitzler, C.A., Brown, K.D., & Opgenorth, K.M. (2006). Programs, resources, and barriers faced by 75 HIV prevention nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa, Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. AIDS Care, 18, 12-21.

Kelly, J.A., Amirkhanian, Y.A., Kabakchieva, E., Csepe, P., Seal, D.W, Antonova, R., Mihaylov, A., & Gyukits, G. (2004). Gender roles and HIV sexual risk vulnerability of Roma (Gypsy) men and women in Bulgaria: An ethnographic study. AIDS Care, 16, 231-245.

Kelly, J.A., Amirkhanian, Y.A., Kabakchieva, E., Vassileva, S., McAuliffe, T.L., DiFranceisco, W.J., Antonova, R., Petrova, E., Vassilev, B., Khoursine, R.A., & Dimitrov, B. (2006). Prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases in high-risk social networks of young Roma (Gypsy) men in Bulgaria: A randomized, controlled trial. British Medical Journal, 333, 1098-1101. (Published Online First: BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj:38992.478299.55, October, 2006).

His contact information is as follows:


Telephone: 414-456-7700
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