Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

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Richard H. Gibson, M.D.

Richard Gibson, MD, is Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Veterans Affairs and Departmental Collaboration at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Administration, where he is the Mental Health Division Manager. Dr. Gibson graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1980 and did his residency at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He supervises geriatric psychiatry residents during the Domiciliary 43 extended care clinical rotation and teaches seminars and geriatric psychiatry journal clubs.

Dr Gibson is board certified in general and geriatric psychiatry. In 2006, Dr. Gibson won the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine's Distinguished Service Award.

Rich's academic interests include mental health and hospital administration leadership development.

A few publications include:

1. Jain S, Gibson RH, Guedet PJ, Lehrmann JA, Tsao CI. "Aspiration Pneumonia as a Complication of Severe Mania," General Hospital Psychiatry, 2003, Mar-Apr, 25(2):136-7.

2. Gibson RH, Roberts LW. Morality and Ethics in Theory and Practice (Book Review). American Journal of Psychiatry. 2005; 162(4): 820.

3. Gibson RH, Roberts LW. "Interviewing for an Academic Position" in Handbook of Career Development in Academic Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. APPI: Washington, D.C., 2006.

Contact information:
(414)384-2000 ext 41275.
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