Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

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Research Activities



Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR)
The Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR ), an NIMH funded center directed by Dr. Jeffrey Kelly, concentrates on the study of individuals belonging to groups at high risk for HIV infection (eg gay men, IV drug users, chronic mentally ill) and the development of behavioral interventions to decrease this behavior. Presently, CAIR consists of more than 30 full time faculty and staff and has an annual budget of more than $8 million. MCW is a world leader in the field of behavioral intervention research to prevent the spread of HIV infection.


Center for Imaging Research- Resting State Functional MRI Research

FMRI Abnormalities in geriatric depression, non-depressed and depressed MCI elderly. This resting-state functional MRI study examines the alterations in functional neuronal networks in the depressed and non-depressed patients with mild cognitive impairment, and patients with geriatric depression. Dr. Joseph Goveas, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and the Director of Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship program is conducting this research in collaboration with Dr. Shi-Jiang Li, Director of the Center for Imaging Research. This study is funded by the Research for a Healthier Tomorrow, a Component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at MCW. Dr. Goveas has received recent grants from the Extendicare Foundation and NARSAD to study the neuropsychiatric symptoms in mild cognitive impairment subtypes. Dr. Goveas’ research interest is to identify alterations in brain neuronal networks that occur in late-life depression, mild cognitive impairment as an approach to increased understanding of the interactions between depression and memory loss in the elderly.
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