Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

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M2 Foundations of Clinical Psychiatry

Carol I Ping Tsao, MD, JD
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Director, Medical Student Education

Fall semester Psychopathology will introduce medical students to common psychiatric disorders, as well as other subjects relevant to the practice of psychiatry and other areas of medicine.  Medical students will learn how to perform and document a mental status examination, a skill they will require on their M3 clinical clerkships and in future clinical work.  Medical students will also learn how to exhibit compassionate behaviors and professional attitudes toward patients with mental illness.  Finally, this component will prepare medical students for USMLE 1 as related to “psychopathological disorders, processes, and their evaluation.”

Spring semester Human Sexuality will give medical students a basic understanding of the stages of normal sexual development, common reproductive issues, and common sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders.  Medical students will also learn how take an accurate sexual history, demonstrate respect and sensitivity for patients’ sexual orientation and practices and think about how their values potentially influence patient care.  The material in the Human Sexuality component will prepare medical students for USMLE 1 questions related to the reproductive system – specifically ones pertaining to “oral (and other) contraception,” “abortifacients,” “restoration of potency,” and “behavioral considerations affecting disease treatment and prevention.”
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