New science building at St. Norbert will be a regional home to MCW

Construction has begun on a major, new science center at St. Norbert College that will serve as the primary home of the Medical College of Wisconsin’s (MCW) Green Bay Campus. The 150,000 square-foot Gehl-Mulva Science Center will include approximately 5,500 square feet of dedicated space for MCW’s Community Medical Education Program, including its own entrance.

In addition to administrative offices in which the campus dean for the Green Bay region will be based, this space will house a state-of-the-art active learning classroom that can be divided into two classrooms accommodating 25 students each. Three learning and skills rooms that can be combined into one large learning lab will also be built in MCW’s portion of the center. These rooms are being designed for maximum flexibility so students and faculty can make the best possible use of the space. Infrastructure for distance learning will be incorporated so MCW campuses in Green Bay, Central Wisconsin and Milwaukee can communicate across the same platform.

Many educational spaces in the Gehl-Mulva Science Center utilized for the Community Medical Education Program, however, will be mutual spaces that further maximize efficiencies. By partnering with St. Norbert for shared study spaces, shared laboratory spaces, and shared student and faculty lounges, MCW can minimize costs and cultivate strong relationships.

The partnership will also enable students in the Community Medical Education Program to access certain St. Norbert student services, for example, library resources or academic support, as determined.

All together, the facility will feature 36 laboratories for research and teaching; small-group workrooms and informal collaborative spaces; wind turbines, a solar voltaic panel and other green technologies; a state-of-the-art greenhouse; and a science gallery.

The science center will cost about $39 million to build. The building out and equipping of MCW’s dedicated space is estimated at $2.3 million and is expected to be funded primarily through an allocation for building, renovation and technology recently approved by the Wisconsin State Building Commission, pending approval by the Legislature.

MCW’s portion of the facility should be ready for occupancy by the summer of 2014, while completion of the entire Gehl-Mulva Science Center is scheduled for the spring of 2015. An official groundbreaking ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, May 10.

MCW is also in communication with Bellin College to utilize its simulation and skills laboratory. Faculty from Bellin College, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and St. Norbert College will be instrumental in the teaching of MCW students.

The new Gehl-Mulva Science Center further illustrates how working with community partners can significantly reduce start-up costs for a medical education program. Through collaboration, MCW expects to launch medical school campuses in both Green Bay and Central Wisconsin for roughly $30 million, significantly less than building a new medical school.

More information is available via the Spring 2013 issue of the St. Norbert College Magazine:

Building the future of discovery

New partnership extends medical education into the regional community of northeast Wisconsin

In addition, St. Norbert has added a webcam that captures the ongoing construction of the Gehl-Mulva Science Center.

The renderings below highlight design concepts for the Gehl-Mulva Science Center:


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