Progress update: April 2014

A snapshot of recent accomplishments in the development of medical education campuses in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay.

  • Campus Dean Search: A national search is underway to select a campus dean for Central Wisconsin.  With the targeted opening of the MCW-Central Wisconsin campus in July 2016, it is expected a dean will be in place by late summer/early fall 2014.
  • The Curriculum and Interprofessional and Faculty Development Work Groups are developing faculty development tools and strategies to improve use of tele-education technology and explore introduction of new educational technologies at MCW-Green Bay and MCW-Central Wisconsin.
  • Frequently asked questions on the MCW-Green Bay curriculum and student admissions are now available on the MCW-Green Bay website.
  • The Student Development, Recruitment, and Admissions Work Group helped coordinate the development of an online screening portal to enable members of the Regional Applicant Advisory Committee to screen student applications to MCW-Green Bay. The screening portal will be considered for approval by the MCW Admissions Committee at its Spring Policy meeting in May.
  • Student recruitment for MCW-Green Bay will begin immediately following Higher Learning Commission approval of the MCW’s Substantive Change Application: Branch Campuses and Additional Locations, which is expected in May.
  • Two new project work groups will launch in May:
    • Program Development Evaluation, which will focus on evaluation and assessment
    • Population Health and Translational Research, which will work with MCW partners to develop and sustain a community health pathway that emphasizes community engagement and service learning

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