Progress update: February 2014

A snapshot of recent accomplishments in the development of medical education campuses in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay.

Student Development, Recruitment and Admissions

  • Student recruitment for MCW-Green Bay will ramp up as the application opening date nears in June 2014. Recently, pre-med advisors across Wisconsin were contacted. Additional recruiting activities and materials are being developed.
  • The Admissions Committee recently approved questions developed by the work group in collaboration with the Secondary Application Subcommittee of the Admissions Committee. The essay questions, which will be required for applicants to the MCW-Green Bay program, were developed via an inclusive and research-based process including input from the community advisory boards, current MCW students and Dr. Matthew Hunsaker, MCW-Green Bay Campus Dean.
  • As part of the admissions process, and to enable the Regional Applicant Advisory Committee (RAAC) to participate in the screening and interview process, MCW developers unveiled the first prototype of the custom online portal that will be used for admissions screening.

Faculty Development

  • An abstract detailing MCW’s plans for a comprehensive, certificate-eligible, clinical science faculty development program has been accepted for presentation at the Association of American Medical Colleges Central Group on Faculty Affairs meeting in March. This presentation, titled Developing the Teaching Skills of Clinical Preceptors through a Self-Directed Certificate Program, was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Morzinski, a work group member from the MCW Department of Family Medicine and his colleague Tess Chandler. Dr. Craig Porter, leader of the Faculty Development Work Group, and Sarah DiPadova co-authored the presentation.  

Curricular and Interprofessional Development

  • The work group is continuing to explore the development of a competency-based interprofessional education curriculum. Further discussion of global competencies and design principles was to take place at the end of February with MCW and Bellin College faculty.


  • StrateVantage, a communications firm with whom MCW has worked on several strategic institutional initiatives, is again working with MCW and community leaders to develop a marketing and branding strategy for the community medical education program. To help define the brand elements for the new MCW campuses in Green Bay and Central Wisconsin, StrateVantage conducted a series of 11 focus groups and five individual interviews Jan. 21-31. More than 70 people participated in the research, including 27 from Green Bay and 11 from Central Wisconsin. The timeline for finalizing the marketing and branding strategy is mid-March.


  • The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) site review team has recommended approval of the Substantive Change Application: Branch Campuses and Additional Locations application for the MCW-Green Bay campus. The application will be considered by the HLC Institutional Actions Council in March. MCW must secure approval of its HLC application before applications from prospective MCW-Green Bay students can be accepted.
  • The Liaison Committee on Medical Education is reviewing MCW’s Proposed New or Expanded Branch Campus Notification Form for the MCW-Green Bay campus at its February meeting. The Central Wisconsin campus application will be submitted for review by Dec. 1, 2014.

Position Openings

  • The MCW-Green Bay campus is seeking a Campus Administrator to work with the Campus Dean, MCW senior administration and community partners to develop and maintain the administrative, financial and student support infrastructure needed to ensure the successful operation of the MCW-Green Bay campus. The Campus Administrator will oversee all on-campus, day-to-day administrative functions including financial management, personnel management, facilities and information systems.

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