New campus curriculum is one-of-a-kind

The curriculum the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) will deploy in Central Wisconsin and Green Bay differentiates the campuses from medical schools anywhere else in the country.

Like the Discovery Curriculum taught at MCW in Milwaukee, the MCW-Green Bay and MCW-Central Wisconsin curriculum emphasizes early clinical experiences for students, which better prepares them for their third year of medical school. The competencies, core material and objectives are consistent across all MCW campuses.

Throughout their education at MCW-Green Bay or MCW-Central Wisconsin, students will benefit from full community immersion, which complements the interests of those who want to live and practice in the region. Unique features and personalized opportunities characterize the new campuses. For example, students will participate in a Rural and Community Health Pathway where they will develop individualized learning plans to tailor their education to a specific area of community health care.

In delivering the curriculum, the new campuses will be particularly time-efficient, starting clinical apprenticeships with a faculty preceptor and clinical clerkships earlier, resulting in a continuity experience that lasts longer as the students gain first-hand exposure to patient care in actual clinics.

The length of the curriculum will be hallmark. Its 133 total weeks are about 20 weeks fewer than a traditional medical school program. The curriculum will retain all the core educational requirements of the Milwaukee medical school experience, but will achieve this efficiency by reducing the number of elective experiences that vary from student to student.  The alternative timeframe facilitates decreased student debt and accelerated entrance into practice.

Medical students will also learn alongside other health professions students. These interprofessional team training opportunities model the collaborative environments predominant in today’s health care workplaces.

The innovative application of technology will enhance active learning among students. Technology will allow simultaneous delivery of key curricular components to students in Milwaukee and the Green Bay and Central Wisconsin campuses, with staff support for educational sessions at multiple sites. Not only will technology facilitate real-time audience response and engagement, it will offer opportunities for students from multiple campuses to interact, furthering the integration.

Simulation technology resources will additionally provide students with advanced clinical skills in a controlled and versatile environment. Advanced technology at MCW-Central Wisconsin and MCW-Green Bay will help provide all the benefits of a metropolitan school in a small community environment.

When students begin their medical education at MCW-Green Bay and MCW-Central Wisconsin, they will enter a pioneering program designed for physicians who intend to enter fields in which there is a shortage in Wisconsin - including family medicine, general surgery and psychiatry - and to help ensure that communities throughout Wisconsin continue to have access to high-quality health care for generations to come. The campuses also will graduate doctors who may pursue post-graduate training in any field on their way to becoming competent, compassionate physicians.

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