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$6 million grant funds National EPR Center

Center has been continuously funded by the NIH for 41 years

May 15, 2013 College News - The National Biomedical Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has received a five-year, $6 million renewal grant from the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.  The EPR Center was established in 1976, and has been continuously funded since.  It is classified as a Biomedical Technology Resource Center, and is one of eight federally-designated research centers at MCW.

James S. Hyde, PhD, the James S. Hyde Professor of Biophysics and Director of the EPR Center, is principal investigator of the grant, which also serves as a core source of funding helping leverage other research collaborations at MCW.

In what is considered one of the strongest EPR groups in the world, Dr. Hyde leads a team in technology research and developing novel instrumentation and application of new techniques to biological problems. The main areas of research are free radicals, spin labeling, metal complexes, and metallo proteins.

A number of researchers at MCW carry out studies of molecular structure using EPR; it is also used to study the role of oxygen radicals in normal and diseased tissue. The EPR Center also offers EPR simulations and training, and construction of EPR and sample-handling equipment.

The center makes its powerful research instruments available to scientists from all parts of the nation, who often travel to Milwaukee to make use of the equipment.

Biophysics faculty and staff supported by this grant include William Antholine, PhD, Associate Professor; Brian Bennett, PhD, Associate Professor; Jimmy Feix, PhD, Professor; Wojciech Froncisz, PhD, Visiting Professor; John Gassert, PhD, Adjunct Professor; Joy Joseph, PhD, Associate Professor; Candice Klug, PhD, Professor; Richard Mett, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor; Robert Strangeway, PhD, Adjunct Professor; Witold K. Subczynski, PhD, Professor; James Anderson, Engineer III; Theodore Camenisch, Engineer IV; Christopher Felix, PhD; Scientific Administrator; Aaron Kittell, PhD; Postdoctoral Fellow; Joseph Ratke, Chief Engineer; Michael Rudzik, Engineering Technician II; Richard Scherr, Model Maker; Jason Sidabras, Engineer III; and Timothy Thelaner, Engineering Technician III.
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