Dr. Thomas Heinrich, behavioral integration expert, working with Rogers Behavioral Health

June 27, 2014 College News - Rogers Behavioral Health System has finalized a new service agreement with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), effective last month, to provide a medical consultant to assist Rogers in effectively integrating behavioral health services into medical settings. Thomas W. Heinrich, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and Director of Psychosomatic Medicine, will work with Rogers to design and implement evidence-based approaches to meet the mental health and addiction needs of medical patients.

The intent is to employ these strategies in a variety of medical settings including primary care clinics, medical homes and emergency rooms.
“The integration of mental health and addiction assessment, brief intervention and referral services in primary care, emergency rooms and other medical settings will allow physicians to more fully assess and treat behavioral conditions early on. The additional resources will result in higher quality and cost-efficient care,” said Bill Henricks, CEO of Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health. “Early assessment, intervention and coordinated care are key to improving wellness and reducing the cost of chronic health conditions. We are excited to be working with Dr. Heinrich on this important initiative.”

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