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Lane closures around campus during the week of Oct. 28

Oct. 25, 2013 College News  - Below is a list of lane closures around campus the week of Oct. 28, 2013. All road work is subject to change because of weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Additional information about the Zoo interchange project and its impact on MCW and the campus can be found on the College’s Zoo interchange Web page.

Milwaukee Regional Medical Center remains accessible from all directions the week of Oct. 28.

Campus Alerts:

  • Landscape clearing: The removal of trees on Watertown Plank Road is underway in preparation for work to widen the roadway.  Replacement landscaping will occur next year upon completion of the project.
  • Children’s Hospital north garage level B entrance has closed long-term as the Ronald McDonald pedestrian bridge construction begins. Level C will remain open along with one lane of the 89th Street access road for delivery and emergency vehicles.
  • Ronald McDonald Pedestrian Bridge project begins.  Be aware of increased noise and vibration from pile driving activities in the area.
  • OPEN!  Discovery Parkway is now open and provides another option for travelers from the north! Use North Avenue and Swan Boulevard for access to US45 or downtown Wauwatosa.  
  • Watch your lanes! Please be mindful of the traffic signals and lane markings as you exit onto Wisconsin Avenue from US 45 north and at the 92nd Street intersection. Several “near misses” have been reported from inattentive lane changes. Police activity in the area will increase over the next few weeks to help reinforce proper driving behaviors.
  • Rescheduled: The access road to Children’s Corporate Center parking structure and Behavioral Health (Connell Avenue just west of 92nd Street) will have a lane closed between 8:30am – 3:30m on Tuesday for utility work. 
  • Bus Stops: Ongoing utility work on Watertown Plank Road will cause bus stops to temporarily relocate over the next couple of months. Milwaukee County Transit will install royal blue feather flags at the current bus stop locations. Bus stops on 92nd and 87th are not scheduled to move.             

Watertown Plank Road access

  • US45 Northbound Access from Watertown Plank Road: Watertown Plank Road northbound entrance ramp to US45 is now closed through 2014.

1. Wisconsin Avenue to US45 north;
2. Watertown Plank Rd west to Hwy 100 north to North Ave. onramp to US45;
3. Discovery Parkway to Swan Blvd to North Ave. onramp to US45.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Trailblazing signs to US45 have been installed at major exit points on campus (i.e. patient parking areas) to help drivers navigate the ramp closures. New pedestrian signs will also help guide pedestrians safely through construction areas.

  • Due to ongoing utility work, lanes on Watertown Plank Road will be reduced to 1 lane in each direction throughout the day.
    • Recommended route: Wisconsin Avenue on the south side of campus offers construction-free access from US45.

From the North:

  • OPEN: Discovery Parkway is now open and provides another option for travelers from the north! North Avenue and Swan Boulevard provide access to US45 or Wauwatosa via the new Discovery Parkway.
  • The Swan Boulevard bridge has been demolished and southbound lanes are detoured at Underwood Parkway.
    • DETOUR: The southbound lanes of Swan Boulevard will be detoured at Underwood Parkway.

From the South:
CLOSURE ALERT: The 84th Street entrance ramps to I-94 eastbound and westbound are closed now through late spring 2014.  The I94 exit ramp onto 84th Street will remain open and accessible for campus travel.

  • DETOURS: I94 eastbound: Use the 68th Street I-94 eastbound entrance ramp; I94 westbound: Take Wisconsin Avenue to the US 45 south entrance ramp.
  • OPEN: Cleveland Avenue eastbound and westbound from National Avenue to Hwy 100 has reopened!

Travel from the East:

  • The City of Wauwatosa’s water main work began on Oct. 2 and will continue through early/mid November. Harwood Avenue between Glenview Avenue and Dewey Avenue will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Delays are anticipated.  Please consider an alternative route if traveling through downtown Wauwatosa. 

From the West:

  • LONG-TERM CLOSURE: The I-94 eastbound and westbound exit ramps to Hwy 100 northbound will close Wednesday, Oct. 30th through 2014.
    DETOUR: Take US45 northbound to Bluemound or Wisconsin to access the MRMC campus or Research Park. 
  • On Wednesday-Friday night, I94 eastbound will have a double lane closure at Hwy 100.  As a result, the north-to-west and south-to-west Zoo Interchange ramps will be closed as well. 

A Look-Ahead:

November 1st:

  • Watertown Plank Road Park & Ride Lot closes; Burleigh Street & US45 lot opens
  • The Hank Aaron State Trail will close between 94th Street and Underwood Creek Parkway for four years. Oakleaf Trail remains open.

November 4-15th: Underwood Parkway closed just north of Watertown Plank Rd; business access remains available.  Reopens in its final configuration Nov. 18th.

Mid-November: I94 eastbound exit ramp to Hwy 100 northbound will close. 
Detour: Exit I94 to Moorland Road to Bluemound Road.


  • Swan Boulevard reopens between Watertown Plank Road and Discovery Parkway in its final configuration.
  • Hwy 100 expected to fully open in its final configuration.

January 6, 2014: Full closure of Watertown Plank under US45; Watertown Plank Road on-ramp to US45 southbound closes
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