Protein Foundry, a new company, launches at MCW

July 11, 2014 College News - Protein Foundry, a new company manufacturing and marketing protein molecules, had its official launch Thursday, July 10, at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Protein Foundry was established to meet the needs of scientists utilizing chemokines in their research. A chemokine is a molecule that guides the migration of cells.  Protein Foundry can produce more than a dozen different human “wild-type” chemokines, as well as custom-ordered variants requested by customers.  Over the past decade, the founders of the company have developed unique and specialized molecular tools specifically for this production process.

“Beyond basic research, there is great potential in chemokines to act as targeted therapeutic agents in certain cancers, and perhaps in other human disease. We offer scientifically validated processes to meet the growing demand for pure, biologically active proteins for both basic science and translational research,” said Brian Volkman, PhD, President of Protein Foundry and Professor of Biochemistry.

The other members of the founding team are Chad Koplinski, Vice President of Production; Michael Dwinell, PhD, Vice President of Protein Foundry and Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; and Francis Peterson, PhD, Vice President of Protein Foundry and Associate Professor of Biochemistry.

The company is currently renting laboratory and office space from MCW.  Wipfli, a Wisconsin-based accounting firm, is working with Protein Foundry to provide accounting and other business-related services.

(l-r) Francis Peterson, PhD, Michael Dwinell, PhD, Chad Koplinski, and Brian Volkman, PhD

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