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Wisconsin Avenue – courtesy driving guide

Sept. 10, 2013 College News - Have you noticed the newly marked lanes on Wisconsin Avenue?  Great!  But some have not. There have been a handful of “near miss” reports that prompted this review of the new traffic patterns.

Two lanes of travel on Wisconsin

There are now two marked lanes of travel in each direction on Wisconsin Avenue between US 45 to 92nd Street. They are legal lanes of travel and no longer parking areas. Please be mindful of the two lanes of traffic and use legal lane changing maneuvers such as checking your blind spots and signaling before changing lanes.   

New turn lanes at Wisconsin and US 45; 92nd Street

With the addition of more lanes of travel on Wisconsin, more turn lanes were created to more efficiently move traffic onto campus. The US 45 exits – from northbound and southbound – now each offer two dedicated turn lanes onto Wisconsin Avenue. 92nd Street also offers two dedicated left turn lanes from Wisconsin – meaning both lanes must make the left turn. 

Choose the correct lane early to reach your destination safely.  For example:

For 94th or 92nd Street access: If arriving to campus via US 45 north, exit into the left-sided right turn lane; from US 45 south, exit into the left-sided left turn lane. This lane will lead you directly to a turn at 94th Street or 92nd Street. 

For 87th Street access: If arriving to campus via US 45 north, exit into the right-sided right turn lane; from US 45 south, exit into the right-sided left turn lane. This lane will lead you into the only through lane at the 92nd Street intersection. 

Many changes will occur on the roadways that surround our campus over the next year.  Renew good driving practices now by watching for road signs, obeying the speed limit and be aware of construction areas. And, as a refresher, review the following driving etiquette tips:

  • Letting other cars merge is an important part of driving etiquette.
  • Use your turn signals. It helps everyone to know when and where you are going to turn.
  • Pedestrians in crosswalks ALWAYS have the right of way. ALWAYS!
  • Drive at the speed limit. It’s unsafe to drive too fast or too slow.
  • Don’t tailgate. Leave at least one car length between you and the driver ahead of you.
  • Please don’t text & drive. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel to avoid a careless accident.
  • Courteous driving is contagious…so is aggressive driving.  Set the right tone.
  • Smile or wave at another driver. It makes their day and your day a little brighter!

Courtesy is most important to safe driving. Be aware of how your actions affect those behind, in front of, and beside you. Remember we work on a medical campus, and a simple act of kindness could help a patient better cope with their day. 

Additional information about the Zoo interchange project and its impact on MCW and the campus can be found on the College’s Zoo interchange Web page.
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