Relationship with the Community

Public Safety’s relationship with its constituency is vital to achieving and preserving a safe and secure campus environment. Community members can expect to interact with Public Safety personnel that are fully engaged in delivering professional community-oriented programs and services. The quality of these initiatives is, in part, dependent on feedback from the community served.

Authority of Public Safety and Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies

The MCW campus is under the jurisdiction of both MCW Public Safety and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). MCSO possesses law enforcement jurisdiction over all MRMC grounds, including MCW property. A MCSO sub-station is located near the MRMC grounds at 10190 Watertown Plank Road.

Public Safety personnel have the authority to enforce MCW policy and rules, but are not certified law enforcement officers, and therefore do not have the power of arrest. MCSO has full law enforcement authority, including the powers to arrest and detain.

Public Safety collaborates with law enforcement organizations on matters concerning MCW and is the designated lead agency on all internal security and public safety matters. Reports requiring law enforcement response are promptly forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency. There is no written memorandum of understanding between MCW and MCSO addressing the investigation of criminal incidents.

Voluntary Confidential Reporting

If you are the victim of a crime but do not want to pursue action according to MCW’s policies and procedures or the criminal justice system, you may still want to consider making a confidential report.  These reports can be made to either Public Safety or the Title IX Coordination. With your permission, Public Safety can file an MCW Incident Report without revealing your identity. The purpose of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep the matter confidential while taking steps to enhance the future safety of yourself and others.

With such information, MCW can keep an accurate record of the number of incidents involving students, determine if there is a pattern of crime with regard to a particular location, method, or assailant and alert the campus community to potential danger.

Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the annual crime statistics for the institution.

Comments regarding Public Safety are encouraged, and may be shared with the Director and/or his/her designee by contacting Public Safety by phone at (414) 955-8295 or (414) 955-8424 or via email at or

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