Public Safety

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Crime Prevention Tips

Personal Safety

·  Walk or jog with a friend, not alone. 

·  Avoid isolated areas. 

·   Use safety escort services. 

·   Know your limits on dates and communicate them to your partner. 

·   Know your limits with alcohol and do not accept drinks from others. 

·   Protection from Date Rape Drugs

·   Never leave your drink unattended.  Date rape drugs can be slipped into any type of beverage.

·   Do not accept drinks from anyone but a bartender or server.

·   Try to attend bars/parties with friends, arranging beforehand to watch each other’s drinks.

·   If you think your drink has been tampered with, seek medical attention immediately and request the hospital conduct toxicology testing.

Residential Safety

·   Lock your residence whenever you leave and when you are sleeping. 

·   Do not prop card reader doors open or otherwise attempt to bypass security devices. 

·   Call the police to report someone who does not belong in your building. 

·   Do not allow strangers to follow you into the building. 

Campus Safety

·   Tell a friend where you are going and when you will return. 

·   Carry a whistle or noise maker.  Do not be afraid to scream if you need help. 

·   Use a help phone or raise the hood and stay in your car if it breaks down. If people stop to assist, ask them to call the police. 

·   Be aware of your surroundings. 

Workplace Safety

·   Keep personal items (purses, book bags) locked up. 

·   Secure your work area when you are not there.

·   Report suspicious people or activity to Public Safety.

Protecting Your Property

·   Record the serial numbers of your valuables. 

·   Engrave valuables with your license number or other identifying information.

·   Secure bicycles with a U-Lock device. 

·   Keep your vehicle locked when it is parked and when you drive. 

·   Consider installing anti-theft or alarm devices on your vehicle. 

·   Do not leave textbooks, purses, or book bags unattended.

·   Do not leave laptop computers or PDAs unattended. 

Access Cards

·   Lost or stolen cards should be reported to Public Safety at 955.8471.

·   Carry your access card with you at all times and display the card for identification.

·   Do not loan your card to anyone and do not allow others to “tailgate” behind you when entering secure areas.
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