Emergency Planning

Public Safety is responsible for developing the Emergency Organization Plan and its appendices and annexes for use by the MCW community in responding to and recovering from any type of emergency situation that may present itself. Those affiliated with the College may go to Public Safety’s InfoScope emergency planning Web site to reference these resources. Those not affiliated may contact MCW Public Safety, (414) 955-8295, for assistance.

Members of the MCW community are educated on a continuous basis that they are required to notify MCW Public Safety of any situation or incident on campus that involves a significant emergency or dangerous situation that may involve an immediate or ongoing threat to the health and safety of students and/or employees on campus.

MCW Public Safety has the responsibility for responding to, and summoning the necessary resources to mitigate, investigate, and document any situation that may cause a significant emergency or dangerous situation. In addition, MCW Public Safety has a responsibility to respond to such incidents to determine if the situation does in fact, pose a threat to the community. If that is the case, Federal Law requires that the institution immediately notify the campus community or the appropriate segments of the community that may be affected by the situation, upon confirming that an immediate threat exists.

In the event of a serious incident that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the MCW community, the College has various systems in place for communicating information quickly to faculty, staff, and students. The Director of Public Safety or designee reviews all reports to determine if there is an immediate or on-going threat to the community and if the distribution of an emergency message is warranted. The Associate Vice President of Public Affairs or designee will assist with dissemination of any emergency messages.

Public Safety has the ability to post periodic updates during a critical incident to the College’s Intranet website and to utilize a text based notification system to distribute alerts to enrolled users. Individuals can also call a dedicated emergency voicemail box, (414) 955-4545, to hear updates. In addition, network e-mails and building alarm system notifications may be used along with social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Face-to-face communication may be used, if deemed appropriate or necessary. Some or all of these methods of communication may be activated in the event of an immediate threat to the MCW campus community. Public Safety will determine the appropriate segment or segments of the campus community to receive notification.

Warnings may be distributed through several different mechanisms including:

  • Mass notification system messaging
  • Postings on the MCW Intranet (“InfoScope”) and Public Safety website
  • Via the College’s e-mail system
  • Dedicated emergency voicemail box
  • Via campus mail or USPS
  • Strategic placement of public notices and/or warnings

In the case of a significant emergency or dangerous situation, Public Safety will notify various campus partners such as Campus Operations and the Office of Public Affairs as determined necessary. If an emergency or dangerous situation  is confirmed, by Director of Public Safety or designee (with the assistance of campus administrators, local first responders and/or the National Weather Service), and that situation presents an immediate threat to the health and/or safety of some or all members of the MCW community, Director of Public Safety or designee, will determine the content of the emergency notifications used to communicate the threat to the campus. Information will be disseminated in the most timely and appropriate manner. These notifications will be sent without delay, taking into account the safety of the community, unless issuing a notification will, in the judgment of the first responders (MCW Public Safety, Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Wauwatosa Fire Department, etc.), compromise the efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

MCW will post follow up information during a critical incident on the College’s Intranet website, as well as using some or all of the methods described previously (i.e. mass notification system messaging, College’s e-mail system, dedicated emergency voicemail box, campus mail or USPS and/or strategic placement of public notices/warning).

Annual Tests (Drills and Exercises)

Annual tests of these emergency notification systems are conducted in conjunction with an evacuation drill and a severe weather/tornado drill. These tests, including the date, time, and whether the drill was announced or unannounced, are documented by Public Safety. MCW will publish, on the College’s Intranet site and Public Safety webpages, a summary of its emergency response and evacuation procedures in conjunction with at least one drill or exercise each calendar year. The College’s emergency response and evacuation procedures are reviewed on an annual basis and publicized to the MCW community. This information is also available on the Emergency Planning section of Public Safety’s Intranet site.

General Evacuation Procedures

At the sound of a evacuation alarm (fire or evacuation) or if you are otherwise instructed to evacuate the building, leave your work area immediately, travel to the nearest exit, proceed to ground level and exit the building.

If you discover a fire or smoke, use the following acronym: RACE

  1. Remove yourself and anyone in immediate danger.
  2. Alarm. Pull the nearest Manual Pull Station. This signal will alert others in the building.
  3. Confine the fire, if safe to do so, by closing doors and windows. In all cases, removing yourself from danger and providing notification take precedence over confining the fire. If the fire is believed to be controllable, you may attempt to contain it using a portable fire extinguisher from a nearby area. Be familiar with the location and proper use of portable fire extinguishers. Always maintain a safe exit path between yourself and the fire.
  4. Evacuate the building. As required, go to your designated Evacuation Assembly Area. Await further instructions from Public Safety, the fire department or your supervisor.

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