Public Safety

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Information Concerning Sexual Assault

If you are a victim of sexual assault on campus, call MCW Public Safety (414.955.8299) or dial 9-911 to get help immediately.  It is especially important in sexual assault crimes to preserve physical evidence in order to assist with any subsequent investigations.

Victims of sexual assault have the right to receive assistance from Public Safety in reporting such incidents to local law enforcement.  Public Safety personnel will assist any person requesting such assistance and conduct investigative activities as required. 

Victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to make a report to MCW Public Safety as soon as possible following an assault.  Individuals may file a report by phone or in person.  In either case a Public Safety Officer will be dispatched to your location.  Reports will be held in confidence to the extent possible.

Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other abuse can access both campus and community crisis, shelter, and counseling resources.

In Milwaukee County, call:

Milwaukee Women's Center, 414.671.6140

Sojourner Truth House 24-Hour Hotline, 414.933.2722

Sexual Assault Treatment Centers, 414.219.5555

                             Aurora Sinai Medical Center - 945 North 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53233

                             Aurora West Allis Medical Center - 8901 W. Lincoln Ave., West Allis, WI  53227

In Waukesha County, call:

Women's Center Inc. 24-Hour Crisis Line, 262.542.3828 or 888.542.3828

MCW offers a comprehensive student mental health program available to all students, spouses, and children.  The MCW Mental Health Office and all student records are located at Columbia Hospital for confidentiality purposes.  However, appointments with MCW affiliated psychiatrists can be made with numerous clinics in the Milwaukee area.  By agreement with MCW, each student, spouse, or child(ren) is entitled to eight (8) free hours of MCW-provided care.    

After the initial free treatment, the required student insurance plan allows for up to $2,000 per year per person for outpatient visits, and up to $7,000 per year per person for all services combined.

Anyone requiring services that exceed these levels of coverage should contact Student Financial Services to secure the additional funding required to cover the services.  For questions or a referral, call the Student Mental Health Service at 414.955.8933 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  For emergencies on nights and weekends, call 414.805.6700 and ask for the psychiatrist on call for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.

MCW will make every effort to accommodate the needs of a victim of sexual assault.  When requested by the victim and when reasonably available, changes in a student's academic situation may be made.  The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will coordinate these changes.

Campus Disciplinary Procedures in Alleged Sex Offense Cases

MCW policies addressing sexual harassment and other professional misconduct apply to students, staff, and faculty.  These policies, as applicable, may be used to hear and determine sanctions in cases of alleged sexual offenses.  Possible disciplinary sanctions in cases of sex offenses under both policies include counseling, verbal warnings, written warnings, final written warnings with suspension, expulsions and terminations.  The procedures for handling charges under either policy are described in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Handbook, Faculty Information Handbook, Graduate Student Handbook, and the Medical Student Handbook. 

In each handbook, steps for reporting offenses, hearing offenses, making determinations, and taking disciplinary action are detailed. Grievance procedures are also outlined in the handbooks.  A copy of the MCW policy against sexual harassment is on page 64 of the Medical Student Handbook. Individuals may also report a sex offense to the College’s Title IX coordinator, the Vice President of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs. This office is responsible for coordinating the institution’s compliance with Title IX. The Vice President of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs’ office is located in the Human Resources offices in the Medical Education Building.  The institution’s Corporate Policy entitled Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination (covers sexual harassment), including a description of the reporting process can be found at the following link:

Educating Students and Employees about Sexual Assault

Public Safety is committed to providing the safest environment possible for study and work.  Part of that commitment includes educating students and employees about sexual assault.

Students are educated on all forms of sexual assault during orientation and through various programs conducted by Public Safety.  Employees receive information on sexual assault by way of brochures and information on the Public Safety website.  

Sex Offender Registry

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000 requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community on how to obtain information provided by the State concerning registered sex offenders.  The Wisconsin Department of Corrections maintains a Sex Offender Registry at  The site contains detailed program information and an offender search capability by offender name or specific location.

Disclosures to Alleged Victims of Crimes of Violence or Non-Forcible Sex Offenses

When a sexual offense results in a disciplinary proceeding, both accuser and accused have certain rights.  The accuser and the accused are entitled the same opportunity to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding.  Both the accuser and the accused must be informed of the outcome of any institutional disciplinary proceeding that is brought alleging a sex offense.

Upon request, Public Safety, will disclose to the alleged victim of a crime of violence, or a non-forcible sex offense, the results of any disciplinary hearing conducted by the college against the student who is the alleged perpetrator of the crime or offense.  If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, MCW will provide the results of the disciplinary hearing to the victim’s next of kin, if so requested.
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