Daily Crime Log

Entries are listed in chronological order. The most recent crimes are at the bottom of the list.

The Daily Crime Log incidents will not match the Annual Campus Security Report crime statistics, as the log contains all incidents reported to Public Safety not just crimes.

A hard copy of the Daily Crime Log is available at the Public Safety Center (Health Research Center room H1820) during normal business hours.

According to Federal Law, an institution may withhold any of the required fields of entry (i.e. Nature/Classification, Date Reported, Date Occurred, Time Occurred, General Location, and/or Disposition) if any of the following conditions apply:

1. The disclosure is prohibited by law.
2. The disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim.
3. The disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual.
4. The disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection.
5. The disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence.

Note: Incidents with a case number that start with “NA” involve information received from other College Administrators, who are defined by federal law as “Campus Security Authorities.” These administrators share non-identifying information, with Public Safety, that is provided by the victim. In these incidents, the victim did not file an Incident Report and therefore, it is not always possible to provide information regarding the five areas typically covered in the Daily Crime Log (i.e. Nature/Classification, Date Reported, Date Occurred, Time Occurred, General Location, and/or Disposition). These incidents are reported to Public Safety for statistical purposes and are posted to the Daily Crime Log as the information is received by Public Safety.

General Location OC, NC,
PP or Other1
Medical Assistance 15-043 6/1/15 6/1/15 5:32 PM Medical Education Building OC Closed
6/3/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/4/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Accident 15-044 6/4/15 6/2/15 9:00 AM Vistor Parking Lot OC Open Active
Accident 15-045 6/5/15 6/5/15 4:30 PM Other OTHER Closed
6/9/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Damage to Property 15-046 6/9/15 Unknown Unknown Health Research Center OC Open Active
6/11/2015 - No Reportable Incidents               
6/12/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/15/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/16/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/17/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Theft-Larceny 15-047 6/17/15 Unknown Unknown Other OTHER Open Active
Motor Vehicle Accident 15-048 6/18/15 6/18/15 8:25 AM X-70 Parking Lot OC Closed
Fire Alarm 15-049 6/19/15 6/19/15 4:17 PM Medical Education Building OC Closed
6/23/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/24/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/25/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
6/26/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Suspicious Circumstances 15-050 6/26/15 Unknown Unknown Health Research Center OC Open Active
6/30/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/1/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/6/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/7/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/8/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Medical Assistance 15-051 7/5/15 3:15 PM 3:15 PM Other OTHER  
Medical Assistance 15-052 7/8/15 7/8/15 9:30 AM Medical Education Building OC  
Theft-Larceny 15-053 7/8/15 Unknown Unknown Heath Research Center OC  
Theft-Larceny 15-054 7/8/15 Unknown Unknown Heath Research Center OC  
Medical Assistance 15-055 7/9/15 7/9/15 1:58 PM Basic Science Building OC  
Theft-Larceny 15-056 7/13/15 Unknown Unknown Other OTHER  
7/15/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/16/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/17/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/20/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/21/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
Medical Assistance 15-057 7/21/15 7/21/15 9:50 AM Health Research Center OC  
Theft-Larceny 15-058 7/21/15 Unknown Unknown Medical Education Building OC  
Motor Vehicle Theft 15-059 7/21/15 7/21/15 Unknown Parking Structure OC  
Motor Vehicle Theft 15-060 7/21/15 7/21/15 Unknown X-70 Parking Lot OC  
Hit and Run 15-061 7/22/15 7/21/15 Unknown Lot C Parking Lot OC  
Medical Assistance 15-062 7/22/15 7/22/15 4:55 PM Medical Education Building OC  
Medical Assistance 15-063 7/23/15 7/23/15 4:18 PM Translational & Biomedical Research Center OC  
Hit and Run 15-064 7/24/15 7/24/15 8:09 AM Gridley Parking Lot OC  
7/28/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/29/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              
7/30/2015 - No Reportable Incidents              

1 OC, NC, PP or Other:

Geographic locations as defined by the Clery Report:

OC: On Campus
NC: Non-Campus
PP: Public Property
OTHER: Other locations where Public Safety might take a report but does not meet the definition of any of the above.

2 Disposition:


Open Active Cases that have been assigned and are under investigation.
Open Inactive Cases not assigned due to lack of solvability factors or those that have had all viable leads exhausted without results.
Closed Unfounded Cases in which an investigation demonstrated that an incident did not occur and there are sufficient reasonable grounds to support this premise.
Closed Cleared Cases in which the subject(s) has been identified and/or sufficient evidence was identified to support the alleged claim/incident.
Closed Administratively Cases that have been open for one (1) full calendar year and in which there are no known suspects or the suspect(s) are known/suspected but were never successfully arrested by a law enforcement authority.


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