Public Safety

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Incident Reporting and Response

MCW constituents are advised to immediately report any criminal offense or suspected criminal activity directly to Public Safety.  It is preferred that emergencies be reported first to Public Safety, who can then assist in coordinating with local law enforcement and emergency services.  Police, fire and emergency medical services can be reached by dialing 9-911 from any campus phone.  However, immediately after calling 9-911 Public Safety must be notified at 414.456.8299.  For non-emergency calls to Public Safety, dial 414.456.8295.  


Public Safety works closely with the full range of City and County emergency resources to assure a complete and timely response to emergency calls.  Priority response is given to crimes against persons and personal injuries.  Special services include a timely investigative response, as well as the availability of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in providing support and assistance.
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