Radiation Oncology

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The Medical Physics Section of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin consists of 13 physicists, 10 dosimetrists, 6 postdoctoral research fellows, and 4 physics residents.  The goals of the Medical Physics Section are:

  • To provide the best possible radiation therapy technical support for the patients treated at all sites serviced by the Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Through clinical research, develop the accuracy and efficiency of cancer treatment, integrating new technical innovations in radiation therapy
  • To educate future generations of physicians and physicists in the art and science of radiation oncology physics

Chief of Medical Physics

X. Allen Li, PhD

Clinical Director of Medical Physics

Guang-Pei Chen, PhD


Ergun Ahunbay, PhD Natalya Morrow, PhD
Katherine Albano, MS Jason Rownd, MS
Daniel F. Grimm, MS, FACR Eric Paulson, PhD
Kristofer Kainz, PhD Douglas Prah, PhD
Tim Less, PhD Phillip Prior, PhD
Francisco Lopez, MS An Tai, PhD

Physicist Assistants

Feng Liu, PhD  

 Postdoctoral Fellows 

Habib Al saleh, PhD Xinfeng Chen, PhD
Ozgur Ates, PhD George Noid, PhD
Eeanas Omari, PhD  

Physics Residents 

Xiaojian Chen, PhD Slade Klawikowski, PhD
Entesar Dalah, PhD Cun-Geng Yang, PhD


Nicole Beth, RTT, CMD Kirk Morris, RT(R)(T), CMD
Joanne Breen, RT(R)(T), CMD Karen Niemczyk, RTT, CMD
Joann Herman, RTT(R)(T), CMD Daniel Olson, RT(R), CMD
Jarred Hieneman, RTT, CMD Krystal Spahos, RTT, CMD
Dana Koller, RTT, CMD Kevin Sonnemann, RTT, CMD



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