Radiation Oncology

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Research Presented in 2007

American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)
28th Annual Meeting
April 28-May 1, 2007
Chicago, IL

  • Dose volume histogram parameters for organs at risk are influenced by differences in 3D-image based brachytherapy treatment planning for cervix cancer. T Kelly, Kirstis C, J Rownd, B Erickson.
  • The sigmoid: An organ at risk. B Erickson, T Kelly, J Rownd.

American Radum Society (ARS)
89th Annual Meeting
May 5-9, 2007
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Bone marrow-sparing intensity modulated radiation therapy versus conventional techniques for pelvic-inguinal irradiation in anal cancer. LK Mell, B Aydogan, JK Salama,K Devisetty, SJ Chmura, JC Roeske.

Academy Health
2007 Annual Research Meeting
June 3-5, 2007
Orlando, FL

  • Assessing evidence of compliance with quality indicators for breast cancer treatment. J Owen, JF Wilson.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
49th Annual Meeting
July 22-26, 2007
Minneapolis, MN

  • A three-phase strategy for a partial implementation of biologically guided radiation therapy. XA Li, RD Stewart, V A Semenenko, XS Qi, G Chen, E Ahunbay, C Schultz.
  • Biologically guided determination of individualized dose distributions. JH Park, XA Li, RD Stewart.
  • A software tool for on-line real-time verification of gated delivery using megavoltage fluoroscopy. A Tai, J Christensen, A Khamene, J Bayouth, T Boettger, JC Celi, XA Li.
  • Respiration induced abdominal organ motions and anatomic changes: indications for gated radiation therapy. A Tai, B Erickson, K Khater, E Gore, L Dias, XA Li.
  • Monte Carlo computed dose kernels and convolution dose calculations for rapid internal dosimetry. E Steinfelds, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Estimation of tumor control probability model parameters for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). V Semenenko, E Gore, XA Li.
  • EUD-based indication for re-planning during image-guided adaptive radiotherapy. S Qi, XA Li.
  • Optimizing low-dose megavoltage fluoroscopy for 4D radiotherapy. J Christensen, A Tai, G Chen, T Boettger, A Khamene, J Celi, XA Li.
  • Automated computer optimization for 3D treatment planning of breast irradiation. G Chen, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • Assessment of lung tumor response using CT-based image guided therapy. C Ramsey, R Seibert, W Hines, S Meeks, K Langen, XA Li.
  • A comparison of daily megavoltage CT and ultrasound imaging guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer. C Peng, K Kainz, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Image-guided helical tomotherapy to treat advanced cancers of the scalp: prospects for dose conformity and clinical outcome. K Kainz, J Wilson, C Schultz, P Jursinic, XA Li.
  • Monte Carlo calculation of internal dose based on SPECT/CT. E Ahunbay, E Steinfelds, R Hellman, C Peng, XA Li.
  • Image-guided radiation therapy for large soft tissue sarcoma: tumor volume changes and dosimetric impacts. S Qi, R Tao, D Wang, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric evaluation of MIP-based patient aperture and compensator designs to treat lung cancer using proton therapy under free breathing conditions. L Zhao, G Sandison, J Farr, W Hsi, XA Li.
  • Simultaneous irradiation of prone breast and regional lymph nodes using helical tomotherapy. K Kainz, J White, J Herman, M England, XA Li.

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)
12th World Conference on Lung Cancer
September 2-6, 2007
Seoul, Korea

  • Phase I/II results of RTOG L-0117; A phase I/II dose intensification study using 3DCRT and concurrent chemotherapy for patients with inoperable NSCLC. JD Bradley, MV Graham, J Moughan, R Byhardt, R Govindan, J Fowler, J Purdy, J Michalski, E Gore, H Choy.

European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO)
9th Biennial Meeting on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy
September 8-13, 2007
Barcelona, Spain

  • Investigation of statistical methods to analyze target volume definition among experts in radiotherapy treatment planning. I El-Naqa, J Michalski, C Lawton.


American Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology (ASTRO)
49th Annual Meeting
October 28-November 1, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

  • Variability of target and normal structure delineation for breast-cancer radiotherapy: a RTOG multi-institutional and multi-observer study. XA Li, A Tai, D Arthur, T Buchholz, S MacDonald, L Marks, L Pierce, A Taghian, F Vicini, W Woodward, J White.
  • Modeling of normal tissue complication probability in liver irradiation. A Tai, L Grossheim, B Erickson, XA Li.
  • CT versus ultrasound image guided prostate cancer radiotherapy: Dosimetric impacts. C Peng, K Kainz, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Multi-sensor measurement of external movement to improve correlation between external marker and internal motion for respiratory motion management during radiotherapy. JD Christensen, A Tai, XA Li.
  • An on-line adaptive planning strategy for inter-fraction image guidance. E Ahunbay, G Chen, C Peng, C Yu, S Narayanan, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric effects of tissue inhomogeneity correction on nodal irradiation for breast radiotherapy. G Cheng, E Ahunbay, J White, JF Wilson, XA Li.
  • Investigation of helical tomotherapy for partial-breast irradiation of prone-positioned patients. K Kainz, J White, J Herman, XA Li.
  • Determining margins for organs at risk to account for anatomic motion. N Morrow, B Erickson, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric impacts of respiratory motion in breast and nodal irradiation. XS Qi, A Bauer, J White, R Tao, A Sood, JF Wilson, XA Li.
  • Lyman NTCP model parameters for radiation pneumonitis and xerostomia based on combined analysis of published clinical data. VA Semenenko, XA Li.
  • Initial clinical experience with TomoTherapy used for definitive or adjuvant treatment of cancer of nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. A Currey, K Kainz, XA. Li, C Schultz, S Firat, S Qi, S Wong, B Campbell, T Loehrl, B Massey, D Wang.
  • Extended field irradiation and intracavitary brachytherapy combined with cisplatin chemotherapy for cervical cancer with positive para-aortic or high common iliac lymph nodes: Results of arm 2 of RTOG 0116. W Small, K Winter, R Levenback, S Iyer, A Jhingren, D Gaffney, B Erickson, K Grevin.
  • Modeling of normal tissue complication probability in liver irradiation. A Tai, L Grossheim, B Erickson.
  • A phase I/II trial of dose-per-fraction escalation for prostate cancer. M Ritter, J Forman, P Kupelian, D Petereit, C Lawton, W Walker, JF Fowler, WA Tome.
  • Variation in the definition of clinical target volumes for pelvic node conformal radiation therapy of prostate cancer. C Lawton, J Michalski, I El-Naqa, D Kuban, WR Lee, S Rosenthal, A Zietman, H Sandler, M Roach.
  • Variation in the definition of clinical target volumes for postoperative conformal radiation therapy of prostate cancer. J Michalski, C Lawton, I El-Naqa MA Ritter, T Pisansky, CN Catton, RK Valicenti, MJ Seider, HM Sandler, W Bosch.
  • Should prior TURP influence the decision to treat prostate cancer with external beam radiation therapy? K Devisetty, AB Jani, KC Choe, SL Liauw.
  • Adverse impact of mucositis on health related quality of life outcomes and resource use in head and neck cancer patients receiving radiation therapy. A Garden, R Tishler, A, Barasch, M Brennan, P Harari, M Kudrimoti, C Schultz, DG Brachman, M Vera-Llonch, D Keefe.
  • Can national survey data be used to benchmark quality indicators for prostate cancer? J Owen, M Zelefsky, JF Wilson.
  • Negative regulation of 15-lipoxygenase 2 by Protein kinase C alpha in prostate cancer. Y Feng, Q Yang, D Wang.
  • Positive regulation of 15-lipoxygenase 2 by C/EBP alpha in carcinoma cells of head and neck. Q Yang, Y Feng, D Wang.
  • A Phase I/II study of external deep hyperthermia with radiation therapy and androgen suppression in high-risk prostate cancer. C Hwang, N Koneru, Y Zhang, V Sathiaseelan, J Garnett, M Carter, J Kozlowski, C Tellez, T Kuzel, J Kalapurakal.

30th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
December 12-16, 2007
San Antonio, TX

Toxicity and cosmesis from RTOG 95-17: A phase I/II trial to evaluate brachytherapy as the sole method of radiation therapy for stage I and II breast carcinoma. R Rabinovitch, K Winter, M Taylor, R Kuske, J Bolton, D Arthur, J White, W Hanson, R Wilenzick, B McCormick.



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