Radiation Oncology

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Research Presented in 2009

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
100th Annual Meeting
April 18-22, 2009
Denver, CO

  • Inhibition of Tumor Growth by 15-Lipoxygenase through Inactivation of PDGF Pathway. X Bai, H Wu, D Wang.

American Radium Society (ARS)
91st Annual Meeting
April 25-29, 2009
Vancouver BC, Canada

  • Image-guided adaptive radiotherapy for soft-tissue sarcomas involving nasal cavity/paranasal sinus and orbit: initial clinical experience. D Wang, K Kainz.
  • Semi-continuous low dose rate teletherapy (SLDR) for previously irradiated recurrent gliomas: 40 vs. 100 cGy/hour.  M Siker, S Firat, W Mueller, CJ Schultz.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
45th Annual Meeting
May 29-June 2, 2009
Orlando, FL

  • A phase III comparison of prophylactic cranial irradiation versus observation in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Initial analysis of Radiation Therapy Oncology Group 0214. E Gore, K Bae, S Wong, J Bonner, A, Sun, S Schild, LE Gaspar, LE, J Bogart, M Werner-Wasick, H Choy.
  • Impact of ultralight baseline PSA levels on biochemical and clinical outcomes in two Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) prostate clinical trials. Rodrigues G, Bae K, Roach M, Lawton C. Donnelly B, Grignon D, Hanks GE, Porter A, Lepor H, Sandler H. 

Academy Health
2009 Annual Research Meeting
June 28-30, 2009
Chicago, IL

  • Can national survey data be used to benchmark quality indicators for lung cancer? J Owen, B Movsas, JF Wilson.

American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
51st Annual Meeting
July 26-30, 2009
Anaheim, CA

  • Improving the temporal resolution of dynamic MRI by deformable alignment of the peripheral k-space. E Ahunbay, E Paulson, A Godley, XA Li.
  • Interfractional geometric and dosimetric variations in prone breast irradiation. N Morrow, E Ahunbay, J Robbins, J White, XA Li.
  • Advantages of multi-shot, variable-density spiral, diffusion-weighted MR imaging for radiation treatment planning. E Paulson, D Prah, E Ahunbay, XA Li.
  • An online replanning technique with deformation-based aperture morphing and weight optimization. E Ahunbay, A Godley, XA Li.
  • Can lung dose-volume criteria derived from 3D era be safely used for 4D Planning? B Hu, K Kainz, J Rooney, XA Li.
  • Calculation of cumulative dose for daily CT-guided prostate irradiation using deformable image registration. A Godley, E Ahunbay, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Severe inter-fractional anatomic changes and their dosimetric impact in abdominal irradiation, an indication for adaptive re-planning. X Qi, K Wang, M Siker, S Firat, B Erickson, XA Li.
  • Correlations of organ growth with age, body mass, and height for pediatric radiotherapy treatment planning. K Kainz, S Firat, J Moulder, K Kalakota, J Bagley, XA Li.
  • Is daily image-guided patient positioning necessary for lung irradiation? A Tai, E Gore, S Wu, XA Li.
  • Developing a treatment planning framework for using non-coplanar non-isocentric beams to improve plan quality. V Semenenko, XA Li.
  • Swallowing-induced target motion and dosimetric impact for head and neck cancer radiotherapy as assessed by dynamic MRI. E Paulson, J Bradley, E Ahunbay, D Wang, XA Li.
  • Improvement of IMRT plan quality with non-isocentric beam arrangement for head and neck cancers. G Chen, B Hu, X Qi, C Schultz, D Wang, XA Li.
  • MRI-to-CT deformable registration for treatment planning of breast irradiation. A Godley, E Ahunbay, E Paulson, J White, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric QA tests of an online replanning technique for prostate adaptive radiotherapy. C Peng, E Ahunbay, G Chen, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric and delivery advantages of a new 160-leaf MLC. D Prah, K Kainz, C Peng, XA Li.
  • Dosimetric comparison of helical tomotherapy with conventional techniques for simultaneous irradiation of prone breast and regional lymph nodes. K Kainz, J White, G Chen, XA Li.
  • Respiration induced heart motion and indications of gated delivery for left-sided breast irradiation. X Qi, K Wang, B Hu, F Lopez, A Tai, J White, XA Li.

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)
13th World Conference on Lung Cancer
July 30-Aug 4, 2009
San Francisco, CA

  • Phase I/II trial of a COX-2 inhibitor with limited field radiation for intermediate prognosis patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer: Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) 0213. EM Gore, K Bae, C Langer, M Extermann, B Movsas, P Okunieff, G Videtic, H Choy.
  • Initial primary analysis of phase II for RTOG 0117: A phase I/II dose intensification study using three dimensional conformal radiation therapy and concurrent chemotherapy for patients with inoperable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). JD Bradley, K Bae, M Graham, R Byhardt, R Govindan, J Fowler, JA Purdy, J Michalski, E Gore, H Choy.
  • A phase III comparison of prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) versus observation in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC). Initial analysis of primary and secondary endpoints: RTOG 0214. A Sun, K Bae, E Gore, S Wong, C Meyers, B Movsas, J Bonner, S Schild, L Gaspar, J Bogart, M Werner-Wasik, H Choy.

National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ)
34th Annual Meeting
September 13-16, 2009
Grapevine, TX

  • QRRO: Shifting the focus to practice quality improvement in radiation oncology. C Crozier B Erickson, J Owen, JF Wilson.

American society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
Breast Symposium
October 8-10, 2009
San Francisco, CA

  • The importance of three dimensional treatment planning for partial breast irradiation with brachytherapy in early stage breast cancer. A Currey, J Bovi, J Rownd, J White.

American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
Annual Meeting
October 28-November 1, 2009
Chicago, IL

  • Persistent localized bone marrow aplasia after radiotherapy with preserved peripheral counts: A study of 8 cases.  AM Harrington, A Currey, H Olteanu, SH Kroft.

American Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology (ASTRO)
51st Annual Meeting
November 1-5, 2009
Chicago, IL

  • An online replanning technique for breast adaptive radiation therapy. XA Li, E Ahunbay, A Godley, NV Morrow, J F Wilson, J. White.
  • Analyzing dose response of stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung tumors with a modified linear quadratic model. A Tai, E Gore, XA Li.
  • Interfractional change of lumpectomy cavity during partial breast irradiation. E Ahunbay, J Robbins, A Godley, J White, XA Li.
  • Independent interfraction motion of regional lymph nodes and breast targets in image-guided radiotherapy of breast cancer. G Chen, K Wang, XA Li.
  • Image-guided IMRT for advanced stage skin cancer patients: margin reduction and clinical outcome. K Kainz, JF Wilson, C Schultz, B Hu, J Bagley, XA Li.
  • A six-degree online correction technique to account for interfraction variations in breast irradiation. NV Morrow, D Prah, J White, H Shukla, S Bose, XA Li.
  • Is α/β for breast cancer really low? An analysis of large randomized clinical trials for radiation therapy of breast cancer. XS Qi, J White, XA Li.
  • Prediction of normal tissue complication probability for individual patient based on pooled published data. VA Semenenko, XA Li.
  • Correlation of inter-fractional anatomic changes of tumor and salivary glands with acute toxicities in radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. K Wang, C Peng, XS Qi, S Wong, B Campbell, D Wang, C Schultz, XA Li .
  • Dosimetric advantages of lumpectomy cavity guided patient positioning in partial breast irradiation. J Robbins, E Ahunbay, J White, XA Li.
  • Dynamic MRI analysis of tumor motion during deglutition and intrafraction margin assessment for radiotherapy of head and neck cancer. JA Bradley, ES Paulson, E Ahunbay, XA Li, C Schultz, D Wang.
  • Auto-segmentation for radiation treatment planning of breast cancer. A Godley, A Tai, J White and XA Li.
  • Advantages of diagnostic quality CT guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Margin reduction and dose escalation. C Peng, N Morrow, C Lawton, XA Li.
  • An online correction strategy for interfraction variations utilizing couch translation and couch, gantry, and collimator rotation. DE Prah, C Peng, E Ahunbay, H Shukla, S Bose, XA Li
  • High-resolution, 3D T2-weighted images with isotropic voxels for MRI-based adaptive brachytherapy. ES Paulson, B Erickson, J Rownd, E Ahunbay, RW Prost, M Hohenwalter, XA Li.
  • Long term results of a phase II trial of ultrasound-guided radioactive implantation of the prostate for definitive management of localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate (RTOG 98-05). C Lawton, D Hunt, WR Lee, L Gomella, D Grignon, M Gillin, G Morton, T Pisansky, H Sandler.
  • A phase I/II trial of increasingly hypofractionated radiation therapy for prostate cancer. M Ritter, J Forman, P Kupelian, C Lawton, D Petereit.
  • Results of Patterns of Care Survey of patients treated with radiotherapy for prostate cancer in Wisconsin: Comparison to a national survey. D Wang, A Ho, A Trentham-Dietz, C Lawton, JB Owen, JF Wilson.
  • Failure patterns after 3D conformal radiotherapy for whole breast irradiation in the prone position. C Bergom, T Kelly, Q. Xiang, KW Ahn, N Morrow, JF Wilson, J White.
  • Adjuvant high-dose-rate brachytherapy (HDRBT) for extremity soft tissue sarcomas: Initial clinical experience. S Kleiman, J Rownd J, XA Li, D King, D Hackbarth, D Wang.
  • Phase III study of prophylactic cranial irradiation (PCI) vs observation in patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): Neurocognitive and quality of live (QOL) analysis of RTOG 0214. B Mosvas, K Bae, C Meyers, E Gore, J Bonner, A Sun, S Schild, LE Gaspar, J Bogart, H Choy. 
  • Quality of cervical cancer brachytherapy implantation in RTOG prospective trials. AN Viswanathan, J Moughan, W Small, C Levenback, R Iyer, S Hymes, AP Dicker, BE Miller, B Erickson, D Gaffney.
  • Variability in delineation of clinical target volumes for cervix cancer intensity-modulated pelvic radiotherapy. K Lim, W Small, L Portelance, D Gaffney, B Erickson, J de los Santos, S Ishikura, C Creutzberg, W Bosch, A Fyles.
  • QRRO: Shifting the focus to practice quality improvement in radiation oncology. CL Crozier, B Erickson, B Movsas, JB Owen, N Khalid, JF Wilson.

Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS)
15th Annual Meeting
November 5-7, 2009
Miami, FL

  • Adjuvant High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy (HDRBT) for extremity soft tissue sarcomas: Initial clinical experience. D Wang, S Kleiman, J Rownd J, XA Li, D King, D Hackbarth.
  • Megavoltage-CT image guidance to treat paraspinal sarcoma: Margin reductions and adaptive radiotherapy. K Kainz, XA Li, D Wang.
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