Equipment in the Department of Radiation Oncology

The equipment listed below is available within the Radiation Oncology Department at Froedtert Hospital or at one of the departmental satellite sites. All equipment is available for medical and physics residents, physics faculty, physician faculty and medical staff for use in the treatment of patients, creation of treatment plans, and the instruction of medical and physics residents.

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  Radiation Delivery Machines

6 Siemens linear accelerators (linacs)

  • 4 Artiste linacs
  • 1 ONCOR linac
  • 1 Primus linacs
    • 3 with CT-on-Rail (CTVision, all with 4D, 1 with Definition AS Open)
    • 5 with flat panel/MV cone beam CT (MVision)
    • 6 with gating capability
  • 3 Elekta Infinity linacs
  • 1 Elekta MR-linac (to be installed)
  • 1 TomoTherapy machine (Hi-Art)
  • 1 Elekta Gamma Knife
  • 1 Sensus superficial x-ray unit
  • 1 Nucletron microSelection® HDR brachytherapy remote afterloader
   Imaging and Simulation Machines
  • 4 Siemens CT simulators (2 with 4DCT)
  • 2 GE CT simulators (1 with 4DCT)
  • 1 Siemens MRI simulator (Verio)
  • 1 PET/CT
  Treatment Planning Systems (TPS)
  • 5 Elekta XiO systems for 3DCRT and IMRT (also 5 research systems)
  • 7 Elekta Monaco biologically-based TPS for IMRT
  • 2 Prowess IMRT TPS (also 1 research system)
  • 2 TomoTherapy TPS (also 1 research system)
  Motion Management Systems
  Dosimetry Equipment
  • 3D scanning systems (one at each site)
  • A variety of ionization chambers, TLD and diode systems and readout instruments
  • A variety of anthropomorphic and solid water phantoms

Physics Programs Contact Information

For any questions related to our Physics Residency, Physics Postdoctoral or Physics Certificate Programs, please contact:

Jessica Kotowicz
Administrative Coordinator II - Physics Section
Department of Radiation Oncology
Medical College of Wisconsin
(414) 805-4505
(414) 805-4354 – Fax

Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 955-8296
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