Office of Radiation Safety

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 Moving or Decommissioning Laboratories

Decommissioning / Moving Checklist


Notify ORS PRIOR to moving (Radiation Safety 414-456-4347); submit amendment for move authorization if appropriate.  Please provide the following information:


  • Name, lab location, date of move/departure;
  • Identify which items / equipment are to be moved / disposed;
  • Package all radioactive waste for proper disposal;
  • Perform a final contamination survey of all areas in lab (hot and cold zones); submit to Radiation Safety;
  • Schedule with Radiation Safety for inspection and removal of signs and tags.
  • Radioactive materials transported on-campus should be packaged with secondary containment in the event of a spill.
  • If any radioactive material is to be moved off-campus, contact Radiation Safety for shipping requirements.


New Laboratory Checklist


  • Submit an amendment form to ORS with a sketch of the new laboratory location, including all radioactive use, storage, and waste disposal areas with contamination survey locations; submit to Radiation Safety;
  • Schedule with Radiation Safety for signs, tags and restricted area tape.


Hazardous Materials


Contact MCW Environmental Health and Safety at least 2 weeks before moving.  Please provide the following information: Name, lab location, move destination (if applicable), date of move/departure.

MCW Environmental Health and Safety Office telephone number: 414-955-8274


Hazardous Material Decommissioning Checklist


  • Remove all hazardous chemicals/waste;
  • Remove all biologicals/waste;
  • Remove all sharps;
  • Clean all refrigerators, freezers or other lab equipment that will be left behind;
  • Remove all hazard labels from lab area/equipment;
  • Contact Environmental Health & Safety for waste disposal;
  • Re-label any new equipment in the new lab.

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