Office of Radiation Safety

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Research Application Process Flowchart

The flowchart below provides a quick guide to the Radiation Safety Committee research application process:

(If this flowchart doesn't fit your needs, please contact ORS.)


Non-Clinical Research


Research use that involves radiation produced by machines (x-ray diffraction unit, x-ray irradiator) or radioactive material (unsealed radioactive isotopes, sealed source irradiator).


Radioactive Material (Unsealed radioactive material, sealed source irradiators)


Unsealed Radioactive Material (liquid, gas or solid)


Is research being done under a current Authorized User?


YES - (choose from below)


NO - (choose from below)


Radiation Machines (X-Ray, X-Ray Diffraction, CT, Orthovoltage)


New Facility - Application for Analytical X-Ray


Existing Facility - Submit staff training information, contact ORS


Clinical Research

Contact ORS
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