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Medical Student Clinical Electives

Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology Clinical Elective

During the Diagnostic Radiology Clinical Elective, students:

  • Have opportunities to gain basic diagnostic radiology knowledge through subspecialty rotations, lectures and reading. 
  • Learn how specific diagnostic radiologic studies benefit patients
  • Learn how to use radiologic procedures for a cost-effective diagnosis
  • Observe radiographic procedures so they can be better described to patients.
  • Learn the importance of open communication between ordering clinicians and radiologists.

Learning activities include:

  • Rotate through each of the radiology subspecialties, spending additional time in two or three sections chosen by each student.  Students will spend time at read-out stations with radiologists who are interpreting exams.
  • Prepare and present a concise case presentation at the conclusion of the rotation.  
  • Assigned and outside reading.
  • Student-specific lectures.
  • Teaching files, online teaching modules and books.

Interventional Radiology Clinical Elective

During the Interventional Radiology Clinical Elective, students:

  • Gain understanding of patient selection and therapeutic options for vascular and non-vascular interventional procedures.
  • Become familiar with pre-procedural evaluation and post-procedure management and follow-up for various interventional radiology procedures.
  • Learn to identify potential complications of interventional radiology procedures.
  • Demonstrate technical competence in the performance of basic vascular access procedures.

Learning activities include:

  • Daily pre-procedure evaluation and post-procedure management for in-patient and out-patient interventional radiology procedures.
  • Participate in out-patient consults in the Interventional Radiology Clinic.
  • Attend weekly clinical conferences: Hepatic Tumor Conference, Vascular Surgery Conference, Pancreaticobillary Case Conference, Peripheral Vascular Board, and Interventional Radiology Section Conferences.
  • Observe and assist in interventional procedures in the interventional radiology suites.
  • Supervised performance of basic vascular access procedures.
  • Prepare and present a 30-minute presentation.

Nuclear Medicine Clinical Elective

During the Nuclear Medicine Clinical Elective, students:

  • Learn the physical principles of nuclear medicine and become familiar with the equipment.
  • Learn clinical applications of nuclear medicine.

Learning activities include:

  • Participate in interpretation of patient studies, conferences, and lectures.
  • Interact with patients, faculty and staff.
  • Participate in quality control measures and radiopharmaceutical preparation.
  • Prepare a written case presentation on several patients observed during the rotation.


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