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Informatics Research

Areas of Interest

  • next-generation RIS and PACS
  • knowledge representation
  • indexing and retrieval of images and metadata
  • cost-effective use of diagnostic medical imaging procedures
  • probabilistic reasoning:  Bayesian networks and decision-theoretic planning
  • Internet-based systems and computer-supported collaborative work
  • just-in-time learning



CHORUS - Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
CHORUS provides an electronic medical handbook of more than 1,100 documents for physicians and medical students worldwide. Physicians can read, contribute, and review documents via the World Wide Web.
ARRS GoldMiner® - Image Search Engine
ARRS GoldMiner® provides rapid search of a large, Internet-based library of peer-reviewed radiology images.
RadLex® provides a uniform structure for capturing, indexing, and retrieving a variety of radiology information sources, such as teaching files, research data, and radiology reports.
SPIDER - Structured Reporting
SPIDER uses platform-independent, public-domain technologies, such as the World Wide Web, to achieve structured entry of medical data.
TEMPO - Just-in-Time Learning in Radiology
TEMPO brings context-sensitive "just-in-time" learning to radiologists' workstations.
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