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DeYoe Lab Personnel

Alex Puckett

Alex Puckett, fMRI based vision research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, DeYoe Lab. Thesis: "A Study of the Neurophysiological Correlates of Visual Attention as Revealed by fMRI-based Cortical and Functional Field Maps"

Andy Salzwedel

Andy Salzwedel, fMRI based vision research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, DeYoe Lab. Research is focused on how neural circuitry relates to perceptual events, specifically, those vision-related.

Danielle Reitsma

Danielle Reitsma, fMRI based vision research at the Medical College of Wisconsin, DeYoe Lab. Research is focused on understanding the anatomy and neurophysiology of the visual system with and without direct pathology.

Edgar DeYoe, PhD

Dr. DeYoe is a tenured Professor in the Department of Radiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, at Marquette University. He trained as a neuroscientist and electrical engineer with dual PhD’s in neuroscience and experimental psychology from the University of Rochester and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.

Jed Mathis

Jed Mathis, Medical College of Wisconsin DeYoe Lab Research Technologist. Conducts research and analysis for Dr. DeYoe and assists students in the lab with their research experiments.

Yan Ma

Graduate student in a joint program of Functional Imaging between Marquette University and the Medical College of Wisconsin. Research is focused on developing and evaluating novel paradigms for human visual cortex mapping with fMRI.


Robert W. Cox, PhD
Chief, Scientific and Statistical Computing Core, Intramural Research Program
National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda MD
Telephone: 301-594-9196
FAX: 301-402-1370
Creator of the software package MCW AFNI (Analysis of Functional Neuro Images)

Jay Neitz, PhD
Professor, Department of Opthalmology, University of Washington
Telephone: 206-543-8065

Kris Ropella, PhD
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering Department, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Brett Schroeder
Manager, Imaging Core Facility, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
Designed and built the FMRI FOSS-1 (Fiber Optic Switching System), a nonmagnetic subject response box used by the DeYoe Lab in FMRI experiments.
Telephone: 414-456-8504
FAX: 414-456-6517

Van Essen Lab
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology
Developer of CARET (Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit) and FLATMORPH (generates 2-D flat maps of 3D surfaces).
Telephone: 314-362-4325
FAX: 314-747-3436


  • Mathew Alexander, MD
  • Brenda J. Anderson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, SUNY - Stony Brook
  • Kevin Bennett
  • Bharat B. Biswal, PhD
  • Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, PhD, Dept of Radiology, West Virginia State University, Morgantown
  • Walter Downey
  • Seth Glickman
  • Jon V. Jennings
  • James Lewis, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physiology & Pharmacology, West Virginia State University, Morgantown
  • Maurice R. Peters
  • Allyson C. Rosen, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Psychology Department, Stanford University
  • Ziad Saad, PhD, IRTA Fellow, Unit on fMRI Methods, Laboratory of Brain and Cognition
  • Paula W. Schmit
  • Laura Sisola
  • Dayton Young
  • Kelly Williams
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