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Alex Puckett

BS, Biomedical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Research: I am a fifth year neuroscience graduate student working in the lab of Dr. Edgar DeYoe doing fMRI-based vision research. The title of my thesis project is "A Study of the Neurophysiological Correlates of Visual Attention as Revealed by fMRI-based Cortical and Functional Field Maps."  The primary goal of this project involves the quantitative comparison of sensory and attentional effects within cortical maps and within unique Functional Field Maps (FFMaps); the latter providing a novel view of sensory and attentional effects as they would appear within the visual field of the observer.

Scientific Goals: Discover - Share

Interests:  My wife.  This life.

Abstracts: Puckett, A.M., Mathis, J.R., & DeYoe, E.A.  "Cortical attentional field maps for individual visual areas from V1 to V7."  Society for Neuroscience.  San Diego, CA.  15 Nov. 2010.

Alex Puckett
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Phone: 414-955-5880
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